A Guide to the Currency of Westeros

first_img ‘Game of Thrones’ Director Explains Why Arya Ambushed the Night King’Game of Thrones’ Star Sophie Turner Predicts Sansa Stark’s Future Stay on target I had the pleasure of meeting Helen earlier this year and getting introduced to Shire Post Mint. I was completely blown away by the quality, detail, hard work, and heart that goes into every coin they produce. Shire Post covers many realms of Geekdom: Lord of the Rings, Conan the Barbarian, The King Killer Chronicle, and The Wheel of Time.  All the pieces are beautifully crafted and made in-house (in Arkansas to be exact) from start to finish. Shire Post is a family operation where each member of the clan has a part in the creation of the coins. Helen and her family’s passion is palpable and now truly tangible. Everything is forged from a place of love and admiration for each property.Even the presentation they send everything in is well thought out and beautiful. I snagged the Queen of Meereen necklace myself a few months back. Each order comes in this lovely package that’s handwritten just for you.AdChoices广告Their Game of Thrones coins are all officially licensed and made with the blessing of George R.R. Martin himself. As we prepare to return to Westeros Sunday here is a crash course in the currency of the kings and commoners of our favorite fantasy realm.This is just a few of the Game of Thrones offerings Shire Post Mint has.View as: One Page Slides1/91. Iron Coin of the Faceless ManJaqen H’ghar gave Arya this very coin with the words: “Valar Morghulis. All Men Must Die.” Although it is a coin, it can not buy anything. Instead, it associates you with the Faceless Men. The assassins of Braavos bring death as a gift. Be careful cashing this coin in.The Coin is $14. Purchase HereThe Necklace is $24. Purchase Here2. Braavosi Iron SquareThis coin is from the Free City produced from the Iron Bank. A Braavosi warrior is proudly displayed on one side and an hourglass with open hands on the other. High Valyrian script adorns it “Āegio Tistālior gurotriri emilza.” So always remember, “The Iron Bank will have its due.” The Coin is $15. Purchase Here3. House Stark Set of Four CoinsThe Starks are the Kings of the North. Winter and Direwolves dominate everything in the House Stark. Here are the four coins of Winterfell.Eddard Stark Half-GroatRickard Stark Half-PennyTorrhen Stark PennyRobb Stark Half-DragonThese Coins are $30. Purchase Here4. House Targaryen Set of Four CoinsThe Targaryens ties to dragons ring true throughout their house coins. Even once Daeny gets to Meereen they honor the ‘Breaker of Chains’ with her own showing the world who freed the Meereenese slaves.Daenerys Targaryen Mark of MeereenJaehaerys I Targaryen Golden DragonAegon I Targaryen PennyAegon V Targaryen Half-PennyThese Coins are $30. Purchase Here5. Volantis HonorsVolantis is and Free City. This one, however, is run by two groups: the merchant Elephants and the warrior Tigers. Both coins have death’s head on one side and their respective animals on the other. Each has the Valyrian saying, “First Men of the First Blood.”These Coins are $18. Purchase HereThese Necklace is $20. Purchase Here6. House Greyjoy Set of Four CoinsThe currency of the Iron Born. Here we have the Greyjoys of the Iron Islands. The family symbol the Kraken find away onto each piece. Embrace the people of the sea and honor their ocean ways.Balon Greyjoy Copper StarQuellon Greyjoy Half-PennyBalon Greyjoy PennyQuellon Greyjoy Half-DragonThese Coins are $30. Purchase Here7. House Baratheon Set of Four CoinsThe Baratheons are the youngest of the families but to less fierce. Here we have the last four Kings of House Baratheon each featuring the beautiful stag on the coins.Robert Baratheon Copper StarJoffrey Baratheon Golden DragonStannis Baratheon Half-DragonTommen Baratheon Half-PennyThese Coins are $30. Purchase Here8. Dothraki Copper PulTechnically the Dothraki don’t use currency, but they do barter. Rumor has it they cut stamped armbands and us that to make swaps when they travel. The one pictured here is for Khal Drogo and shows him riding his loyal steed. These Coins are $14. Purchase Here9. Black Goat of Qohor NecklaceThe easternmost Free City of Essos is Qohor. This necklace features the Black Goat that the Qohorik people worship. “Qohor With Blood,” is inscribed on the other side. The Valyrian translation is “Qohor With Blood.” No doubt a nod to the sacrifices these people make in their religious practices. These Coins are $27. Purchase HereAll are available for purchase now!Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more