Apple 4G LTE iPhone being tested by carriers

first_imgThe big item on everyone’s iPhone 5 wish list is LTE (Long Term Evolution, otherwise known as 4G). However, it’s been widely discussed that the next-gen iPhone won’t be getting LTE. But, today, BGR is reporting that Apple’s carrier partners are testing iPhones with LTE capability.The evidence supporting this claim comes from an internal iOS test build from one of Apple’s major (unmanned) carrier partners. Deep within the firmware is a property list for LTE. But, don’t get yourself too excited just yet. It may still be too early for Apple to include a 4G LTE modem, but it at least shows us that Apple’s working on it.Back in April, Apple’s Tim Cook made it clear that the iPhone 5 will not be 4G since the LTE chipsets require a number of design compromises. Apple is not ready or willing to change the design of the iPhone just to accommodate the technology, it would rather wait until another solution arises or it gets small enough to fit.Since the company already has 56 million iPhones in line for production in the second half of 2011, it may be too late to add the necessary hardware for LTE in the new models. So, perhaps we’ll see LTE in the iPhone after this one.Apple has been wary of quickly adopting new technologies in the past. Take the original iPhone for example. The first edition was launched with EDGE while other phones out at the time had 3G. So perhaps it’s just taking its time to make sure everything’s perfect before it releases a product with LTE capabilities.Rumors say that the iPhone 5 will be announced September 7, so until then, we won’t know for sure if this carrier testing is for the fifth-gen iPhone or a later version.via BGRlast_img read more