YouTube founders launch another video service called MixBit

first_imgVideo recording and sharing seems to be a very competitive market at the moment. For longer videos YouTube and Vimeo are the key services. Shorter video captures are being catered for by Vine (6 second limit) and Instagram (15 second video).Both Vine and Instagram expect you to shoot a short video and post it unedited. But YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen have decided that isn’t good enough, and today they are launching another video service called MixBit.MixBit is very similar to Vine in that you use an app to record a short video on your mobile device. However, the time limit for each video capture is 16 seconds rather than just 6, and MixBit goes a step further than that by introducing editing.While each recorded clip is limited to 16 seconds, you can use MixBit’s editing tools to create a final video that’s anything from 1 second to 60 minutes in length. So you can edit lots of your videos together, cut down the size of a clip to focus on a specific event that happened during filming, or collaborate with a bunch of other people to bring together what you all recorded separately. And just like YouTube, any video you create and upload can then be embedded in a web page.MixBit is different enough from other video services to have a chance of standing out. The ability to edit your short clips without ever leaving your mobile device is going to appeal to a lot of users. I can also see multiple smartphones being used to capture and edit together some pretty unique clips. For example, bringing together footage of a key event from many different angles.For the moment, only an iOS version of the MixBit app will be available, but an Android version is in development. The MixBit website should also go live at some point today.last_img read more