On the picket line: Fighting retaliation at Google & Boeing, Rutgers faculty win

first_imgFighting retaliation at Google and BoeingTwo mega-billion-dollar U.S.-based international corporations retaliated recently against employees who dared to organize for better working conditions.About 20,000 Google workers staged a multicontinent walkout last November demanding changes in how sexual misconduct allegations are handled. An internal email published April 26 by Wired reported that two employee activists behind the protest accuse Google of retaliation. Google denied it.Employee activist Claire Stapleton was demoted from marketing manager after the walkout. Only after her lawyer contacted Google did management conduct an investigation and walk back her demotion. “While my work has been restored,” said Stapleton, “the environment remains hostile.” Meredith Whittaker, who co-signed the email, said her role has been “changed dramatically.” She was told she had to give up her role at the AI Now Institute at New York University, which she co-founded, and to stop her work on artificial intelligence ethics. The women write: “Our stories aren’t the only ones. Google has a culture of retaliation, which too often works to silence women, people of color, and gender minorities.” (bbc.com, April 23)In November 2018, Richard Mester, who brought 30 years of engineering experience to Boeing in South Carolina where he has been a flight safety inspector for five years, was suddenly fired — along with two other employees — for allegedly failing to report a bird strike. Impossible, said Mester, who had just been elected a union shop steward. The three workers filed Unfair Labor Practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board, alleging there was no bird strike, but that it was just an excuse to fire workers in the ongoing International Association of Machinists unionization drive. Boeing filed an objection. The NLRB refused to comment.“Boeing has no qualms about squashing any possibility of a union down here,” Mester told the May 3 Guardian. IAM Associate General Counsel Bill Haller explained: “[Boeing wanted] to send the message that if you support the union you’re going to get fired. They’re not being subtle.” In an email to the Guardian, Boeing denied retaliation.In addition to accusing Boeing of spying on workers who voted in the election, the union is seeking $100 million in a wage theft case — the largest involving a federal contractor. “They started writing people up for things that were the norm. They’ve targeted union supporters,” said an unidentified Boeing worker hoping to avoid retaliation. He noted that after the union vote, Boeing increased the workload of workers who voted for the union, reduced quality control and frequently re-assigned workers to job openings in different locations.Rutgers faculty win historic contract!In a late-night bargaining session, on the brink of a strike (which would have been the first in the university’s 253 years), 5,000 full-time faculty and graduate workers at Rutgers University won a victory with a robust seven-year contract. They organized jointly with the American Association of University Professors and the American Federation of Teachers. During more than a year of pickets and protests, the union won support online and in the classroom with a creative social media campaign as well as “picket with your professor” events.The workers’ gains address equity, security and dignity. Now there is equal pay for equal work for female faculty, faculty of color and for faculty in the Newark and Camden campuses. All faculty can now apply for equity correction if they believe their peers are unjustly earning more. Significant pay increases will help the lowest-paid members. Graduate workers will see their pay increase from $25,969 to $30,162 over the course of the contract. The union also won $20 million for diversity hiring and the guarantee of a workplace free of harassment and stalking, enforced by binding arbitration.The contract revises the “green card” policy, so that faculty can now sponsor non-tenure-track faculty for permanent residency. NTT workers, often the most exploited, will have grievance procedures. Graduate employees and NTT faculty also won greater job security. The union won language requiring academic freedom that applies to social media. Though this is an historic victory, nearly 3,000 part-time adjuncts still await a contract, fair salaries and health care. Stay tuned. (Rutgers AAUP.org, April 17)FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong’s Greg Ormont Talks “New Year’s stEve,” The History Of PPPP NYE

first_imgAin’t no party like a New Year’s party! Earlier this month, psychedelic-funk band Pigeons Playing Ping Pong announced their 2018 New Year’s Eve theme, “New Year’s stEve”. The Flock is in for an epic night of music honoring the various different “Steve” musicians throughout history, especially the iconic Stevie Wonder.“This year, we decided to explore the various Steves in music history with a focus on Stevie Wonder, who is one of my biggest influences,” frontman Greg Ormont tells Live For Live Music. “I didn’t listen to a ton of funk growing up, but I remember my parents playing his album Innervisions at a young age and was instantly hooked by his voice. His music is legendary and our options are endless, but this year’s theme isn’t only about Stevie. Any Steve musicians are up for grabs… even the Blue’s Clues theme song is on the table.”New Year’s Eve is one of the most highly anticipated days of the year, making the energetically-charged 24-hour window one of the most exciting times to see a band play. However, for Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, dedicating a theme for a New Year’s Eve show is nothing new—they’ve been doing so since 2011.“Special occasions call for special measures,” explains Ormont. “We spend a good amount of time brainstorming theme names and ideas as a group and individually. Once we come up with a killer name that we all love, like ‘New Year’s stEve,’ we’re off to the races. We compile a list of all the material that we think fits the theme and begin learning songs as soon as possible to see what we can pull off as a group. The preparation is always challenging, but we love putting ourselves outside our comfort zone and learning from such gifted songwriters.”Back in 2011, the Pigeons played their first New Year’s Eve theme, “Speakeasy NYE,” in their hometown of Baltimore at The 8×10–bringing in a flock of fans dressed as gangsters and flappers while the band wore hot pink zoot suits and fedoras. There was “plenty of bathtub gin” on site for everyone to sip, and the band even played a musical countdown to midnight.“We wanted to do something special for our first New Year’s Eve countdown,” Ormont reminisces. “So instead of stopping right before midnight and simply counting down with the World Clock, we orchestrated an intense jam in our original song ‘Moonwalk’ that included musical teases and a vocal countdown that matched the beat of the song and peaked exactly as the clock struck midnight in real time. It takes a lot of practice, but we love starting each year on the other side of a fun challenge.”The following year, after playing a Phish after party in New York City on December 28th, the band ended 2012 with a “Motown Getdown NYE” back at Baltimore’s The 8×10, ringing in 2013 with two high-octane sets that explored the sensibilities of vintage funk music.“When preparing for our themed shows, it’s like taking a crash course in musical eras,” says Ormont. “We immerse ourselves in the material and hopefully become better songwriters in the process. While we were learning the Motown material, we noticed a lot of similar songwriting techniques within different songs and started to arrange musical mashups, or combinations of songs, which is something we’ve done since our earliest days and continue to do today.”He continues about the transformation of the Pigeons’ tradition, “That year, we combined the song ‘Superstition’ with ‘Shining Star’ and called it ‘SuperStar’. There was another fun segment that we called ‘Respect The House’, which was a combination of Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’ mashed with the Talking Heads’ ‘Burning Down the House’ mashed with Hot Chocolate’s ‘You Sexy Thing (I Believe in Miracles)’ mashed with The Temptations’ ‘My Girl’.”“It’s a fun way to put our fresh spin on vintage material,” Ormont—also known as “Scrambled Greg”—concludes, “and it keeps the crowd on their toes. You never know which way a song will go at a themed show.”Pigeons Playing Ping Pong – Motown NYE – 12/31/2012[Audio: Paul Dorin]Pigeons Playing Ping Pong ended 2013 with fierce intention, playing the Main Pub in Manchester, Connecticut on December 27th; Best Buy Theatre with the Disco Biscuits on December 28th; and a Phish late-night at Lucille’s at B.B. Kings Blues Club with Dopapod and Kung Fu on December 29th before they headed back to Baltimore to ring in 2014. Their 2013 “NSFW NYE” brought erotically-dressed Flockers to The 8×10 to enjoy two sets of “straight porno funk” featuring satisfying covers of “Sex Machine”, “Sexual Eruption”, “Dick In A Box”, “The Bad Touch”, and oh so much more. Electric Love Machine, TAUK, and DigitalDavy kept the music going until 6 AM for an arousing evening of music that was definitely “Not Safe For Work.”Pigeons Playing Ping Pong – NSFW NYE – 12/31/2013[Audio: Pigeons Playing Ping Pong]Having notched 157 shows in 2014, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong changed up their usual New Year’s Eve plans by playing out-of-state gig at The Broadberry in Richmond, Virginia. To help ring in 2015, the band put together an “Alice in ONE HIT WONDERland” theme, celebrating those lucky bands that made it big with their one-hit wonder. Instant classics like “Tubthumping”, “Groove is in the Heart”, “Lovefool”, “Blue”, “Barbara Streisand”, and “Closing Time” were some of the highlights from the band’s final setlist of 2014. The Shack Band joined Pigeons onstage for their’ annual musical countdown to midnight for an uplifting rendition of “Also Sprach Zarathustra”—also known as the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey—while special guest Mall Chick spun some tunes for late night.“We like to choose themes that are super exciting for The Flock, yet open-ended enough to make it difficult to predict the setlists,” explains Ormont. “Our theme ‘Alice In ONE HIT WONDERland’ was perfect for that since there are so many classic one-hit wonders to choose from, but what songs we actually play is always up to the band, and most of them end up being debuts for us. And while we may not play full covers or mashups of everything you’re expecting, there’s always the chance of your songs getting tossed into solos or jams. So when we’re jamming during New Year’s stEve, keep a close ear because you never know what kind of teases might be dropped into the mix.”Nailing down big Halloween themes seemed to be the focus for the band in 2015 (“Dead Zeppelin”) and 2016 (“Brought To You By The Letter P”), so New Year’s Eve was celebrated with a more traditional Pigeons show at Asheville’s New Mountain with The Mantras in 2015 and a gig opening for Lotus at Pittsburgh’s Stage AE in 2016.For New Year’s Eve 2017, the band made waves with their out-of-the-box New Year’s Eve theme, “DisNYE: A Whole New Year.” The Cleveland flock got the gift of a two-night stand at the Beachland Ballroom and Tavern leading up to 31st before the band hit Covington, Kentucky’s Madison Theater for a sold-out night of psychedelic Disney jams on New Year’s Eve proper. Dressed in matching Mickey Mouse attire, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong delivered debuts ranged from classics like “When You Wish Upon A Star” to sing-alongs like “Hakuna Matata”, and even more modern tunes like “Shiny” from Disney’s recent triumph, Moana.Pigeons Playing Ping Pong – “Horizon DisNYE” – 12/31/2017[Video: Pigeons Playing Ping Pong]From playing their first shows at Red Rocks Amphitheater and Madison Square Garden to meeting John Mayer and Bob Weir at LOCKN‘, this has been a crazy year for Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. The band will kick off their 2018 New Year’s Eve run with a two-night run at The Basement East in Nashville, Tennessee alongside Midnight North on December 27th and the Magic Beans on December 28th. From there, they’ll head back to the Madison Theater on December 29th before ringing in 2019 with their highly anticipated “New Year’s stEve” blowout Stage AE in Pittsburgh on December 31st.You can get your tickets for Pigeons Playing Ping Pong’s New Year’s Eve show here.last_img read more

Asheville – Land of the Sky

first_imgBRO: What’s your favorite part about Asheville? It’s timeless beauty. These mountains have been the home of humans for thousands and thousands of years. To walk the streams and trails of these mountains and valleys in and around Asheville, and to contemplate the lives, the loves, the pains the sorrows, the children, their births and deaths and the spirit of these countless humans who have peopled these mountains – I sometimes find emotionally overwhelming.  It is the mystery and mysticism of these mountains that I love.  BRO: We all agree Asheville has so much to offer and your song perfectly captured all of the things that make it so great! Is there anything you would change or a line that maybe didn’t make the final cut? 2. I’m bound to settle down in a cabin by a stream just east of the smoky mountains and the land of the Cherokee This is the only song I’ve ever written that I actually got in at three minutes long. So yes, there were numerous lines that I wanted to include – lyrics and places that’s I wanted to sing about. There were other visual aspects we wanted to include as well, but we had to be succinct. I felt that we wanted to get in and capture the essence of Asheville and keep the listener’s attention – part of the craft and art of songwriting is to be able to get to the point, say what you need to say it and get the listeners attention in a really short time.  With the support of local enterprises such as Explore Asheville, Octopus Gardens and Finkelstein’s, director Daniel Judson created a virtual tour of Asheville with the music video. It “takes the audience on a journey through the Asheville experience – from LEAF festival and LaZoom tours to drinking local beers with friends and even friendlier strangers.” With the inclusion of multiple Asheville artists and performances shot in multiple local hotspots, the song celebrates the diverse and dynamic music scene that greatly exemplifies one of the many things that make Asheville so special. BRO: What brought you and the 15 local musicians together to create this? “It’s sort of a ‘we are the world’ collaborative effort”, says Clayton. “When thinking about all of the things that make Asheville such a wonderful place. It was almost like thinking about writing a love song to Asheville.” This is the song that you’ll be happy is stuck in your head all day. We picked Don Clayton’s brain a bit to learn more about the creation of this ode to Asheville I think in many ways it actually exceeded my original vision.  It began to grow -particularly with the idea of bringing in so many other local musicians and local attractions into the video and visual aspect of the production BRO: Did the end product live up to your original vision for it? Don Clayton Biography center_img I wrote the song while sailing in Polynesia from Tuamoto Archipelago to Papeete Tahiti. I was thinking about home in  Asheville and started humming the hook and rhythm and it just evolved.   What’s your favorite ______________ in / from Asheville? It’s no secret that Asheville is a well-loved and vibrant city. When you walk the streets, you can feel the love people have for it as you take in the many murals, street performers, local brewers and food, and a sense of an outdoor-loving community. Doesn’t Asheville just make you want to sing about it? Eating Spot – Bouchon’Drinking Spot My back deck. Overlooking the mountains. Hike/Outdoor Activity – Waterfall hikes. they’re secret Artist – Lenny Pentenelli  and Brian Turner Activity to do – Drive mountain roads and hike mountain trails. Music Spot – Echo mountain Jamming/Songwriting/Mind Clearing Spot – Meditate in quiet mountains by streams Beverage – Gaelic Ale  But to be direct and answer your question yes I have a lyric book FULL of discarded lyrics and lines for this song.  The project really began to take shape after I Played the song for Crissa Requate, who is a local leader in the music industry. She liked the song and of course, that’s always encouraging to a writer and she suggested the seeds of the idea. Then Crissa introduced me to Jessica Thomason who is another great woman who is a leader in the arts and music industry locally and nationally. She began to add a little more flesh to the idea and then both these fantastic ladies arranged an introduction to the folks at tourism for the city of Asheville Explore Asheville. They all heard this as the love song to Asheville that it is and really suggested the idea of trying to bring in different musicians to help develop the idea.  Don Clayton composes songs that are raw and emotional, entertaining and honest, much like the human experience. With a degree in Music Education from Auburn University, he has been playing music for over 40 years. After completing a successful career in hospitality, Clayton’s uplifting, and at times humorous, stories of life, friends, family, love, joy, and beauty, pay homage to a lifelong passion for music. BRO: How did this project begin/ what inspired the idea? The record, which was recorded and produced at Echo Mountain, features over 15 local musicians including Kat Williams, Josh Blake, Spaceman Jones, Leigh Glass, Ben Phan and more. 1. “Everybody’s talking about it writing songs and books about it -yoga -meditation -microbrews and massage” Thanks to Country musician Don Clayton, you can! His new record, Land of Sky is an anthem to Asheville, NC and perfectly encapsulates everything we Asheville is about. BRO: What is your favorite line in the song?/ favorite moment in the video?last_img read more

Nemanja Anđušić Signed a Contract with FC Sarajevo

first_img(Source: Fena/photo FKSarajevo) The member of the Academy of the football club Sarajevo, Nemanja Anđušić, signed a contract with FK Sarajevo today.-Talented player, who was born in 1996 in Trebinje, will increase competition in the wing positions, and next season will have a chance to compete for the U-19 team selection”, was announced from FK Sarajevo.last_img

The DTI spotlights small tech businesses

first_img“The opening of the first incubator in the DTI programme is a significant milestone in the effort to create and sustain jobs in South Africa,” trade and industry minister Rob Davies said. MEDO CEO Judi Sandrock said the incubator will unfold world-class technology, teleconferencing facilities, a TV studio and a space in the rejuvenated city of Joburg.Judi Sandrock, Medo CEO, Yvonne Phosa, Mpumalanga MEC for economic development, Rob Davies, the minister of trade and industry, and Michael Masutha, the deputy minister of science and technology, open the Medo Youth ICT. The Department of Trade and Industry has launched the Youth Enterprise Development Strategy that aims to promote youth self-employment and youth-owned and managed enterprises.(Images: Melissa Jane Cook)MEDIA CONTACTS• Michelle Samraj PR and Events AssistantThe Lime Envelope+27 11 467 8998RELATED ARTICLES• New technology hub for Braamfontein • Cape Town: city of innovation • Mobile technology for Africa • More broadband for South Africa • Infrastructure development in South AfricaMelissa Jane CookOpened by the Department of Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies on 11 November 2013, the MEDO Information Communication and Technology Incubator is the first youth incubator in the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Incubator Support Programme. The Micro Enterprise Development Organisation (Medo) will manage the programme, and provide training and support for participating entrepreneurs.Medo connects small South African businesses with large companies to build supplier relationships and boost broad-based black economic empowerment credentials.The DTI launched the Incubator Support Programme (ISP) to provide support for and grow small businesses across industry sectors.“By promoting the incubators, the DTI has been encouraging private sector partnerships with government to support the programme in an effort to develop effective businesses,” said Jeffrey Ndumo, chief drector of the DTI.“In May this year, Medo was awarded the first two incubators in the country and, as of now, is the ICT industry’s very first sector entrepreneur incubator.”Medo chief executive officer, Judi Sandrock said: “The Medo ICT Incubator, based in the Maboneng District, will focus on supporting young entrepreneurs. The location was chosen to leverage high-speed fibre bandwidth connectivity as the focus of the incubator is the information and communication technology sector, as well as an internet TV studio that will facilitate internet TV broadcast.”She added that the incubator will unfold world-class technology, teleconferencing facilities, a TV studio and a new rejuvenated space in Joburg. Further, the incubator will provide free services, such as access to internet, telephones and meeting and teleconference rooms, for to up to 300 small- to medium-sized businesses.“There will be permanent incubation of approximately 20 ICT businesses and virtual incubation across industries allowing small businesses to use the facilities and benefit from the full suite of shared services. Introductions to supply chains of large industry and entrepreneurs looking to develop content for IP TV (Internet based television) will also become beneficiaries of this programme.“This is a very exciting time for smaller and medium-sized enterprise growth in South Africa and MEDO is very pleased to be working with the dti on such an innovative development. The Medo ICT Incubation Centre is a phenomenal step in building economic growth and job creation in the country.”Collaborative citizenry for job creationMedo will shortly launch another incubator, focusing on the mining and heavy industries sectors. This programme will provide training and support for smaller businesses in these sectors.“The opening of the first youth incubator in the DTI programme is a significant milestone in the effort to create and sustain jobs in South Africa, adding value to the growth of business and entrepreneurship in South Africa,” said Davies.The minister said the country needs a “collaborative citizenry” to develop youth initiatives to combat high unemployment.“The roll-out of the incubation support programme is an important dimension. The main touchstone of all economic policies is youth unemployment. The fundamental problems of unemployment are structural and we need opportunities for productivity in the economy.”“There is a youth bulge and more and more young people are entering the job market each year. There needs to be intervention by government – holistic, comprehensive responses to the youth. South African society needs to see an increased contribution of youth entrepreneurship to the GDP (gross domestic product) and an increase in youth-owned start-ups.”The DTI Youth Directorate has developed a 10-pillar strategy to help reduce youth unemployment. It includes:Business incubation for young entrepreneursA support centre for youth-owned businessesCompetitions and awards for young entrepreneursSector-specific youth catalytic projectsA national youth services programmeA “Take a young person” to work programmeA youth entrepreneur collateral fundYouth enterprise data and research programmesAn entrepreneurship coaching and mentorship programmeBusiness development support servicesThe Medo philosophy is “building the economy one job at a time”. Since November 2011 the organisation’s mobile entrepreneurship centre, Treppie, has helped more than 17 000 potential entrepreneurs.The organisation has delivered its one-day business opportunity identification workshop to 1 800 budding entrepreneurs across the country and supported more than 600 black business owners through its enterprise and supplier development programmes in the mining, manufacturing and hospitality industries.The group’s research shows that 61% of those benefitting from its programme are younger than 35.“In 2014 we will be opening 19 incubators across South Africa, starting with a mining industry incubator in Middelburg,” said Sandrock. “This incubator will be jointly sponsored by the DTI, BHP Billiton Coal and Hatch Goba. These 19 incubators will serve the mining, manufacturing, energy, ICT and hospitality industries.”Davies said the government is trying to bring about a major change, a shift in business in South Africa.“We are in a space of change – fast-paced technology. The opening of Medo is a milestone in incubation. There will be many more of these and hopefully they will crack the burden of youth unemployment.”last_img read more

Investigation on impact of trade agreements since 1984

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) has initiated an investigation of the economic impact on the United States of all trade agreements with respect to which Congress has enacted an implementing bill under trade authorities’ procedures since Jan. 1, 1984.The investigation, Economic Impact of Trade Agreements Implemented Under Trade Authorities Procedures, 2016 Report, is required by section 105(f)(2) of the Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015. As required by the statute, the USITC, an independent, nonpartisan, fact-finding federal agency, will submit its report to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means and the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance by June 29, 2016. The report is the first of two required by the statute; the Commission will submit a second report in five years.The Commission’s report will cover the Uruguay Round Agreements, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA — Canada, Mexico), and U.S. free trade agreements with Australia, Bahrain, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and five Central American countries (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua), Israel, Jordan, Korea, Morocco, Oman, Panama, Peru, and Singapore.The USITC seeks input for this report from all interested parties. The USITC will hold a public hearing in connection with the investigation on Nov. 17, 2015. Additional information is available at www.usitc.gov/press_room/news_release/2015/er0804ll480.htm.last_img read more

Happy Birthday! The Transistor Turns 65 This Week

first_imgRelated Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market michael kanellos On December 16, 1947, Bell Labs researchers William Shockley, John Bardeen and Walter Brattain created an amplifier from a germanium crystal that boosted an input signal by 100 times. Various researchers had tried to develop a solid-state alternative to electromechanical switches and delicate vacuum tubes during the war. The Bell Labs Trio demonstrated it for lab officials a week later on December 23: Shockley deemed it ”a magnificent Christmas present.”And only six months after the Roswell Incident. For the sake of argument, we’ll follow the official story.Bell Labs announced it six months later. The trade press was ecstatic: Electronics put the three men, who would share the Nobel Prize for physics in 1956, on the cover. (Bardeen became a laureate a second time in 1972 for his work on superconductivity.) The New York Times only gave it a few paragraphs on page 46.The transistor went on to become one of the signature scientific achievements of the 20th century, ranking up with splitting the atom, manned flight, and the discovery of DNA. One could argue, in fact, that the transistor was the most important breakthrough of the 20th century because subsequent advances in those other fields relied on the computing power made possible through integrated circuits and semiconductors. Information has become a science itself.Computing, otherwise, would have been a cottage industry. ENIAC, the machine that brought computing to the public consciousness, only debuted 22 months before the transistor breakthrough. It relied on vacuum tubes. If Google built a datacenter based around the same technology behind ENIAC, a single datacenter would need as much power as Manhattan.Sales and production skyrocketed. In 2003, Gordon Moore estimated that there were about 1018 transistors in the world, or about or about 100 times the number of ants in the word. Last year, the global semiconductor market came to $304 billion and an individual semiconductor device like an Intel Xeon can contain 2.5 billion transistors.Unintended ConsequencesThe invention had a number of unanticipated consequences too. California, for instance, became the center of the world. The center of the computing industry, by rights, should be King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. The transistor came out of Bell Labs in New Jersey, after all. (So did the silicon solar cell). ENIAC came out of the University of Pennsylvania and early computer powers like Sperry Rand were located nearby. TV manufacturers like Philco clustered there too.So how come parts of Philadelphia look more like a backdrop for a Frontline documentary on failed urban renewal than downtown Seoul on a Saturday night? Blame Fred Terman. The Stanford Provost wooed Shockley to come to Santa Clara County and others followed in his wake.Business also became dominated by youth. Besides being a brilliant scientist, Shockley also happened to be a raging egomaniac. Several of the young engineers he hired at Shockley—Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore, Eugene Kleiner—left to form Fairchild. At the time, it was a radical departure: the traitorous eight were essentially they wouldn’t work for a micromanager. Investors trusted them. Authority by seniority was doomed forever.You can also see the development of the symbiotic relationship between marketing and computing. An internal Bell Labs committee concluded that “Semiconductor Triode” was probably the best option as a name for the invention, although they thought it could be a bit too long. “Solid Triode” had the advantage of brevity but the committee felt that it connoted “sturdy, massive, rugged or strong.” Small and minute were conveyed by “Iotatron” but some felt it could get confused with a vacuum component. John Pierce came up with the name “transistor” by combining “transconductance” and “varistor.”A Lasting ImpactBut ultimately, the biggest impact has been an unusual combination of rapid innovation and predictability. In electronics, things get cheaper, faster, and smaller simultaneously. You can’t say the same thing about designer cupcakes or industrial chemicals: bleach doesn’t get twice as caustic every two years. If the auto industry followed Moore’s Law for even a decade or two, a Rolls Royce would cost less than a dollar and be far faster than the models on the road. But it would also be less than a centimeter long.The dynamic is due to the fact that small chips perform better. A transistor is really just a freeway for electrons. Decreasing its size shortens the commute and hence boosts the speed. Smaller transistors also are cheaper to manufacturer because more can be manufactured in a single wafer of finite size simultaneously. If you can double the number of processors that can be harvested from a wafer, it’s like doubling your factory capacity without paying a dime.The End Of Moore’s LawWill Moore’s Law come to an end? As it is used now, yes. Transistor shrinkage will hit physical limits: you can split atoms in ordinary manufacturing. Intel scientists have predicted transistor shrinkage might top out around 2020. Scientists from Hitachi at the Flash Memory Summit earlier this year noted that there might be only seven or eight turns of the crank left to reduce the size of transistors.But that won’t be the end of creativity. Three dimensional transistors, which stack circuits vertically, are on the way from Toshiba, Intel, Samsung, Hitachi and others. This will let manufacturers get more powerful chips out of the same wafers. Thinner and wider wafers will further cut costs. Copper wires, which give off tremendous amounts of heat, will get replaced over time by fiber optic links.Sixty five years from now, you’ll be reading the same article.Image courtesy of Wikipedia. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img Tags:#Bell Labs#Fairchild#Intel#Shockley#Transistor Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostinglast_img read more


first_imgWelcome to another edition of 60 Seconds in Touch…. * The All Nations tournament looms closer with the Australian teams making last minute preparations before they set off for New Zealand next week. The tournament will run from October 26-29 and we wish the Aussies the best of luck in beating their Trans-Tasman rivals. * Speaking of Trans-Tasman rivalry, VTA held their inaugural Trans-Tasman Challenge on Sunday. The day was a huge success with the Victorian based `Australian’ teams taking out the title. For all results, please see our homepage. * Friday night saw a thrilling end to the NSW Vawdon Cup in Sydney. Wests made it back to back victories in the Mens Premier League Division after defeating Central Coast, 4 – 3 in a drop off. Canterbury took out the Womens Premier League division, after defeating Wests, 3-1. * Touch Football Australia are creating a new logo. So, if you have a flair for graphic design, the creative brief is currently available from TFA. For more information please email Peter Topp [email protected] * Brisbane Metropolitan Touch Association along with Chalkees and Dodgers Touch Clubs present the 2nd Dodgers-Chalkees Junior Club Challenge. It will be held at Whites Hill Reserve, Camp Hill on Sunday November 6, 2005. There are four divisions for both boys and girls. For more information please visit www.qldtouch.com.au * A reminder for teams interested in either the NSWTA State Cup or the QTA Queensland State Cup, information and conditions of entry as well as nomination forms are available on their respective websites. NSWTA State Cup will be held in Port Macquarie from December 2-4. QTA State Cup will be on December 2-3 at Quad Park, Kawana Waters. * For those interested in playing Touch in our national capital, ACT Touch have released information about their 2005/2006 Summer Competitions. For more information visit their website www.acttouch.com.au * The November edition of the TFA’s online newsletter Touch-e-Talk will be released in the coming weeks. We are currently seeking nominations for the Volunteer of the Month for November. It is a chance for you to honor those hard-working members of your Touch club. Please email your nomination along with some information about them and their contact details to [email protected]austouch.com.au. * Any items for the next edition of 60 Seconds can be emailed to [email protected] Rachel Moyle is currently on leave.last_img

2011 NYC Referee Awards and Appointments

first_imgSam Hacon was named Female Referee of the Tournament, while David Baggio was named Male Referee of the Tournament. The following referees were appointed to the 18’s Girls and 18’s Boys Championship Finals:18’s Girls – Beau Newell, Rob Bowen, Chris Schwerdt18’s Boys – David Baggio, Mick Medlin, Luke McKenzieThe following referees were awarded a developing state or community final:Developing State Final – 18’s Girls: Nic Altin, Kerrod Hall, Nicole TeoCommunity Final – 18’s Girls: Amanda Single, John Salisbury, Cathleen JohnstonDeveloping State Final – 18’s Boys: Richard McIlroy, Sam Hacon, Blake RichardsCommunity Final – 18’s Boys: Adam Stevenson, Tim Pearson, Chris KnottThe following referees received their team award at the event:Team 1 – Abel TalamaivaoTeam 2 – Cliff WinnettTeam 3 – Michael Del CastilloTeam 4 – Tom PolkinghorneOne referee was also upgraded to a Level 3 Badge at the event, Western Australia’s Brian Blechynden.last_img read more

25 days agoSouthampton ​manager Hasenhuttl plans Cedric talks after late withdrawal

first_imgSouthampton ​manager Hasenhuttl plans Cedric talks after late withdrawalby Freddie Taylor25 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveSouthampton manager Ralph Hasenhuttl admits that he is not sure why Cedric Soares pulled out of their game against Tottenham at the last minute.The right back is a key member of the Saints lineup.Jannik Vestergaard came into the team near kick off, with Cedric reportedly suffering an injury.However, Hasenhuttl has called into question that version of events with his post-match comments.He said to reporters: “It wasn’t the perfect start to the game. “You prepare for the game and then half an hour before he says he can’t train. “I don’t know what happened. It wasn’t the best preparation for the game. I haven’t spoken to him now but I will.” About the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more