ThinkGeek unveils the JOYSTICKIT arcade stick for iPhone

first_imgWhen the JOYSTICK-IT removable arcade stick came out for the iPad, it was an immediate hit. One of the complaints a lot of people have about virtual joysticks on the iPad’s display is that they can be difficult to use when you’re holding your device. Still, a number of people complained that there should be a smaller version of the arcade sticks for the iPhone. ThinkGeek has answered the call and the JOYSTICK-IT arcade stick for iPhone is available now.The iPad version of the JOYSTICK-IT arcade stick was released back in January, but the iPhone version is smaller and obviously designed for smaller screens. It therefore won’t take up as much space, and is meant to give you the functionality of a real joystick without obscuring the action.If you’re playing a game on your iPhone that uses an on-screen joystick, the JOYSTICK-IT will automatically work with your game. Just attach the JOYSTICK-IT to your screen, and use it like a normal arcade stick. The bottom has a suction cup and soft foam so it won’t scratch your iPhone’s display, and it can be easily removed or placed on a different part of the screen for a different game. Plus, while the JOYSTICK-IT was made for the iPhone, it will work on any device with a capacitive touchscreen, so Android users and Windows Phone owners can get in on the action as well.The foam bottom of the JOYSTICK-IT mimics finger-presses and fools your capacitive touchscreen into thinking you’re actually tapping the directions on the display instead of just using the joystick. It’ll only work with games that use virtual d-pads or joysticks, so you won’t have much luck with it in games like Fruit Ninja or Angry Birds. Games like Pocket Legends or PacMan, however, are perfect candidates for the JOYSTICK-IT arcade stick.It’s available now for $17.99. The iPad version is still on sale for $24.99 for one or $34.99 for a two-pack.Read more at ThinkGeeklast_img read more