The Great Outdoors Jam Reveals Great Lineup With Pigeons, Aqueous And More

first_imgThe Great Outdoors Jam, to be hosted at the Maddox Ranch in Lakeland, FL this June 30 – July 3, has announced its first wave of artists spearheaded by Baltimore psychedelic funk quartet Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Buffalo jam band Aqeuous and jamtronica stars Broccoli Samurai.Additional first wave artists include Come Back Alice, Holey Miss Moley, Aliver Hall, Displace, The Juanjamon Band, Copious Jones, Ajeva, Tweed, Russ Bowers Isn’t Dead Yet, Voodoo Visionary, Este Loves, Justino And The Difference, Boxcar Hollow, and Lucidea, with more artists announcements to come.Super Early Bird tickets will go on sale Monday, March 14 at the Great Outdoors Jam’s festival website page, found here.last_img read more

UW suffers long ‘line’ of injuries

first_imgJEFF SCHORFHEIDE/Herald photoIt has not been an easy spring for the Wisconsin defensiveline unit. So far, eight defensive linemen have missed time.Starters Jason Chapman (torn ACL), Mike Newkirk (shoulder)and Kirk DeCremer (back) all have had surgery and are out for the remainder ofspring practices. Reserves Brandon Hoey (back), Dan Cascone (shoulder), RickyGarner (hamstring), Dan Moore (knee) and Patrick Butrym (shoulder) have allmissed time this spring as well, making it difficult for head coach BretBielema to even field a defensive line in practice.“It’s a physical sport, and it’s part of thegame,” Newkirk said. “It’s the price you pay to play. It’s somethingyou have to take with a grain of salt and make sure you do whatever you can toget back on the field and find a way to make it better.”Because the line has been so depleted from injuries, Bielemahas been forced to convert some players to keep the depth on the defensiveline.“Bottom line, some of our threes are now ones,”Bielema said. “If you look at our second defensive line, we’ve got twoformer linebackers and an [offensive] lineman that we converted two daysago.”And while it has been hard seeing defensive linemen droppinglike flies this spring, the injuries have allowed some of the less experiencedplayers like Butrym, Jeff Stehle and O’Brien Schofield more time play on theNo. 1 line.“If you’re going to try and take a positive out of anegative, it is the more guys that we can give reps to, the better they aregoing to be,” Bielema said.“It’s kind of hurt us, but it gives a lot of guys a lotof opportunities to step up and show that they can play here,” Schofieldsaid “We are getting a lot more reps. It’s tiring, but it’s going to helpus in the end getting reps and getting to be consistent in what we do.”Schofield has used added playing time this spring to try toimprove his game overall so he can show the coaches he deserves to be on thefield come fall.“I’m looking to be a better football player and abetter student of the game and be consistent,” Schofield said. “SinceI’ve been here, that’s what has kept me off the field: being consistent. I’veshown hot flashes, but right now I just want to show the coaches that they cancount on me to do it every time. I would like to show that I can playhere.”For Newkirk, sitting out this spring has not been easy onhim, and he says he feels “caged up” not being able to get out thereand play. However, Newkirk has remained active with the defensive line allspring, giving the younger players pointers in an effort to help them improve.“I (help them) with little things, like theirfundamentals, like their first step,” Newkirk said. “When we watchedfilm, they can correct it when they see themselves. But when we are out on thefield, sometimes we can sit back and watch since we are not practicing. We’vebeen watching the tackles, trying to help them out a little bit with handplacement, first step, just giving them any pointers that we can from ourexperience playing.”Another positive out of all the injuries is that when allthe players come back in the fall, the line will be one of the most experiencedgroups on the team. Chapman, Newkirk and Matt Shaughnessy will all be seniorstarters, and it is that experience that Shaughnessy believes will help thisunit be successful this year.“We know each other so well, we can play games withother people,” Shaughnessy said. “We know what someone else is goingto do because we’ve played with them for so long, and we know what they can andcan’t do.”It always helps when you got that chemistry and can playtogether real well,” Newkirk added.The experience younger players are gaining this spring willalso help the Badger defense return to form after a down year in 2007.“I feel a lot times you won’t always live up topeople’s expectations,” Schofield said about the defense’s performancelast year. “I feel that as a defense we kind of fed into the hype thateverybody was saying, but we weren’t getting the work done. Now we know it’snot just going to happen. We have to actually work hard every day, work hard indrills, stay focused and that it will help us out in the end.”last_img read more