West Indies likely to send second-string team for World T20

first_imgWest Indies is likely to send a second-string side to the World T20 as the top players failed to reach an agreement in their contract impasse with the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB).The prospect of sending a second-string team increased after WICB CEO Michael Muirhead made it clear that the players’ request to double the remuneration package in the tournament would not be entertained. No country should feel insecure playing in India: Anurag Thakur According to Muirhead, the package was agreed with the players’ union, WIPA, last year and would not be changed on the eve of the event. He stated that any player who had not confirmed their acceptance of the current contacts by February 14 would be presumed to have refused selection.”The terms on offer were negotiated and agreed between WICB and WIPA with the assistance of representatives from the ICC and FICA during a mediation process last year,” Muirhead stated.He added, “And all parties agreed that they were fair and equitable and acceptable to be offered to the members (of the) WI team selected for the relevant ICC Event.”As mentioned in my previous email to you, this information was shared with all players following that process in May last year. Players were given an opportunity to discuss the new structure and no concerns were raised at that time. South Africa include Steyn for World Twenty20 “It is disappointing that you would choose to question the terms now, on the eve of the WT20 in India.”advertisementEarlier, captain of the West Indies T20 team Darren Sammy had written to the board stating the players “can’t accept” what was on offer as they perceived there were “huge financial reductions” in the terms compared to previous global tournaments.”We want to represent the West Indies but the financials on offer we can’t accept,” Sammy had written.He added, “Obviously I am not privy to exact numbers paid to the WICB from the ICC, but I understand USD 8m will be paid to the Board. Traditionally 25% has been paid to the squad.That would equate to USD 2m/15 therefore approximately USD 133,000 per player.”Worse case scenario the squad would earn USD 414,000 collectively under the terms of the contract offered by WICB to participate in the T20 World Cup 2016. That is just over 5 per cent. A staggering difference, a near 80 per cent reduction.last_img read more

IPL 2017 Final, Highlights: How Krunal Pandya, Jasprit Bumrah scripted Mumbai’s record title win

first_imgHello and Welcome to our Live Coverage of the IPL 2017 final between Rising Pune Supergiant and Mumbai Indians at the Rajiv Gandhi International stadium in Hyderabad. (LIVE SCORECARD)Mumbai Indians (129/8) beat Rising Pune Supergiant (128/6) to clinch third IPL titleWhat more could a fan ask for? Such a nail-biting encounter. It was a low-scoring affair but it had all the thrills in it. After winning the toss and opting to bat, Mumbai posted a total which seemed under par. Their bowlers started off perfectly by sending back the dangerous Tripathi early. However, Rahane capitalized on his dropped chance and added 54 runs for the second wicket with his skipper. After the Indian opener departed, Smith carried on and stitched some crucial partnerships with Dhoni and Tiwary. The Mumbai bowlers however kept it tight and never let the opposition run away with the game. Departure of MS Dhoni also proved to be a crucial point of the game.RECORD!! ????????? – Three @IPL titles – the most by any team! #CricketMeriJaan #BELI3VE pic.twitter.com/UmCuUAtk3Q- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 2017 11 runs were required off the last over and it was Mitchell Johnson who had the ball in his hand. He conceded a boundary in his first delivery but came back strongly with back-to-back wickets. One of which was of the Pune skipper. And with 4 needed off the last ball, Johnson held his nerve and won the game for Mumbai. With this, Mumbai become the first team to win the Indian T20 League thrice! BOLDSTARTS Kieron Pollard: BOLDENDS We played team cricket and the team has come together and win us the game. We showed the character. Well batted Krunal Pandya to keep us in the game. ?????????#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal #BELI3VE pic.twitter.com/sSV164NXvWadvertisement- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201723.47 IST: Johnson to Christian, RUN OUT! Sundar is run out! Full on the middle, Christian flicks it through mid-wicket, Suchith the substitute, fumbles a couple of times before releasing the throw but hurls a good, flat throw to his keeper. The batsmen go for the third run but can’t complete it as Parthiv takes the bails off to find Sundar short of his ground. MUMBAI WIN THE 10th EDITION OF INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE!2?0?1?3? – ???2?0?1?5? – ???2?0?1?7? – ???#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal #BELI3VE pic.twitter.com/G3neeSjF7s- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201723.44 IST: DROPPED! Hardik drops a tough chance, Christian survives. RPS need 4 from last ball23.43 IST: Daniel Christian walks into the middle. Pune need 7 off 4. The tension is high, fans in the standing are praying to god for their team to pull through. Absolutely electric stuff. 4 balls to decide to fate of who becomes Champion.23.40 IST: Johnson to Smith, OUT! The skipper departs! What a moment in the game! Full outside off, Smith looks to carve it over cover-point but finds the only fielder in the deep there. The ball is swirling but Rayudu takes a great catch under pressure. After conceding boundary off the first ball, Johnson has taken back-to-back wickets! Johnson on a hat-trick with RPS needing 7 from 3 ballsOUT! JOHNSON YOU BEAUTY! He has got his fellow Aussie. SMITH IS GONE!#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201723.38 IST: Johnson to Tiwary, OUT! Tiwary holes out! Full on the stumps, Tiwary looks to loft it over long on but fails to get it off the meat. The ball goes straight to the Pollard in the deep, who doesn’t make any mistake. This game is swinging like a pendulum. RPS need 7 from 4 balls 23.36 IST: Johnson to Tiwary, FOUR! Slower delivery to start off, Tiwary gets across and sweeps it over square leg. Gets his placement dead right and the ball races to the fence. Just the start Pune wanted. Pune need 7 runs from 5 balls now23.33 IST: Bumrah to Smith, half-century up for Smith in 49 balls. 5th Indian T20 League fifty for Steven Smith! Pune need 11 to win in the last over.1?1? needed from 6? balls! #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI #IPLFinal- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 201723.32 IST: Bumrah to Smith, SIX! Beauty! Pure beauty! Full outside off, Smith smokes it over long off for a biggie. That’s absolutely smashing shot. After bowling four great deliveries, Bumrah concedes a biggie. Big moment in the game, this!23.28 IST: Rising Pune Supergiant need 23 from the last two overs with 7 wickets in hand.7 runs off that over! Need a big 19th over to ease the pressure!#RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI #IPLFinal- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 201723.28 IST: Malinga to Smith, FOUR! Superb shot! Very full on middle, Smith goes back and whips it over backward square leg. The fine leg fielder can’t get to the ball and the ball crosses the fence. A much-needed boundary for Pune and Smith. 24 needed off 13 now.advertisement23.20 IST: 100 comes up for Pune in the 18th over, they need another 30 from 18 balls?? comes up! @tiwarymanoj is safe there! NOT OUT!#RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI #IPLFinal- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 201723.16 IST: Bumrah to Dhoni, OUT! Huge, huge wicket! Bumrah gets the better of Dhoni this time! Pitches it on a length outside off, Dhoni looks to go hard on the off side but gets an outside edge to Parthiv, who gobbles it and starts celebrating. RPS 98/3 in 16.2 ovs, need 32 from 22A huge blow for us as #MSDhoni gets dismissed!#RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI #IPLFinal- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 201723.13 IST: 14 runs off Krunal’s over with Smith hitting a SIX and Dhoni a FOUR. RPS 97/2, need 33 from 2423.12 IST: Krunal to Smith, SIX! Fired in full on the stumps, Smith reverse slogs it over point for a maximum. That’s some shot. 13 runs off the over already. The equation is down to 34 off 25 balls.23.11 IST: Krunal to Dhoni, FOUR! Pierced! Fires it flat outside off, Dhoni goes hard at it. Gets it off the outer half. Bumrah at backward point, dives to his right but fails to stop it. Malinga too can’t chase it down and the ball races to the fence.Brilliant shot by #MSDhoni DHONI MAAR RAHA HAI! #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI #IPLFinal pic.twitter.com/eXm1BjBW6k- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 201723.06 IST: Strategic time-out! Final Time Out of the season, this! Pune are firmly in control, but the run rate is climbing up ever so slightly. A wicket now and things could certainly get interesting.5 overs to go and 47 runs needed! Come on #Supergiants, we can do this! ?????#RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI #IPLFinal- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 201723.06 IST: Malinga to Smith, Full outside off, Smith squeezes it past point. Karn in the deep is slow to release the ball and so the batsmen complete the couple with ease. Parthiv is furious with his mate there. Good running between the wickets by Smith and Dhoni. RPS 83/2, need 47 from 30 balls 22.59 IST: Another good over from Krunal, just four runs came off it. RPS 77/2, need 53 from 36 ballsStill in this! LET’S GO, MUMBAII!!! ??????#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal pic.twitter.com/KHPSyWpX4T- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201722.55 IST: Karn to Dhoni, Huge shout for lbw! But, turned down. Dhoni dances down the track. Karn spots that and fires in on middle. Dhoni looks to play across the line but is beaten and gets rapped on the pads. The players appeal but it’s turned down. RPS 73/2, need 57 from 42 balls 13 overs in, we’re now at 73/2. 57 runs needed in 42 balls! #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI #IPLFinal- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 201722.50 IST: MS Dhoni joins Steve Smith at the crease now22.49 IST: Johnson to Rahane, OUT! Rahane holes out! Superb catch from Pollard. Full and coming in with the angle, Rahane looks to loft it over long on but fails to get a clean connection. Pollard in the deep, runs forward and dives full stretch to take an absolute stunner. Much-needed wicket for Mumbai, this. End of a 54-run stand. RPS 71/2, need 59 from 49 ballsadvertisementWICKETTTTTTTTT! A slower one by Johnson and a brilliant catch by #Pollard!!#CricketMeriJaan #IPLfinal #MI pic.twitter.com/k7dOfXNLle- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201722.47 IST:  Johnson to Smith, FOUR! On a length but wide outside off, Smith makes full use of the width as he cuts it hard past backward point. Beats Bumrah in the deep and gets a boundary. Brings up the 50 partnership with Rahane. RPS 70/1, need 60 from 5222.45 IST: Rahane-Smith have so far added 48 runs from 52 balls for 2nd wicket. RPS 65/1, need 65 from 546?5?/1? in 11 overs!They are looking to preserve wickets, we need to grab them ASAP.#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201722.42 IST: Krunal to Rahane, FOUR! Oh dear, misfield and a boundary! To add salt to injury. Full on leg, Rahane kneels down and sweeps it uppishly through backward square leg. Simmons in the deep, overruns. The stretches his right hand to stop but misses. The ball runs to the fence.22.41 IST: Johnson to Smith, Excellent delivery to end the over. At 141 kph, it’s full and fired outside off, Smith looks to drive through the off side but doesn’t make any connection. Not sure why, but Parthiv Patel starts appealing after collecting the ball. He might have thought there was an edge. Eight runs came off Johnson’s over. RPS 58/1 in 10 overs, need 72 from 60 balls.Terrific delivery to finish the over! A yorker that beats Smith all ends up and the stumps too.#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201722.39 IST: Johnson to Rahane, FOUR! Just uses the pace of the ball and dispatches this. The line is poor, short and down leg, Rahane just has to get something on this. He makes enough connection and gets the placement very fine too. One bounce and across the rope for a boundary.#Rahane is the man in form here! Another stylish 4?#RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI #IPLFinal- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 201722.35 IST: Karn to Smith, Off the inner half again. The wicket has really slowed up now. The Pune captain somehow manages to hit it to mid on for one. 50 up for Pune in the ninth over, they need 80 from 67 balls now.Good rotation of the strike between the two players with great experience! #Smithy #Rahane #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI #IPLFinal- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 201722.33 IST: Bumrah has been brought back into the attack, he concedes just five runs. RPS 48/1 in 8 ovs4?8?/1? in 8 overs!We are keeping a check on the runs, but the wickets are what we are after.#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201722.30 IST: Good over this from Karn, just five runs came off it. RPS 43/1 in 7 overs, need 87 from 78 balls 4?3?/1? in 7 overs!That was a tight over by Karn.#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201722.22 IST: End of the powerplay and strategic time out has been taken. RPS 38/1 in 6 ovs3?8?/1? at the end of the Powerplay!We haven’t allowed them to to cut loose, but wickets are a must.#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 2017Time Out has been taken. Mumbai could have got a couple of wickets had Krunal not dropped Rahane. But the Indian opener is now looking solid and looking to take his team across the finish line alongside his skipper. Mumbai need wickets in a bunch to bounce back into the game. 92 needed off 84 now! 22.20 IST: Malinga to Rahane, FOUR! Excellent stroke. Absolute beat. Full with width on offer outside off, Rahane needs to invitation to put it away. Plants his front foot forward and elegantly drives it through the covers for a boundary.22.18 IST: Karn’s first over goes for nine runs as Pune reach 32/1 in 5 overs, need 98 from 90 ballsThe captain encouraging all of us to #BELI3VE! #CricketMeriJaan #IPLfinal #MI pic.twitter.com/lYGFRWW6S4- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201722.17 IST: Karn to Rahane, FOUR! Short again, flat again and Ajinkya Rahane puts this away. He hangs back and half-pulls it away aerially through mid-wicket. Hardik out in the deep runs to his left and dives, only to no success.That was a cracker 4? to long on! #Rahane is a beauty! #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI #IPLFinal- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 201722.13 IST: Malinga to Rahane, DROPPPED! That’s an absoulte dolly, he should have taken that. Really disappointing. That’s harder to drop than catch. Malinga takes the pace off and deceives Rahane who is early into the shot. Just checks it to Krunal at short cover who puts it down. Oh, dear… Hero with the bat, now will he be the villain in the field? RPS 23/1 in 3.4 ovs DROPPED! Jinx will be happy about this one! ???#Rahane continues! #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI #IPLFinal- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 201722.11 IST: Good over from Bumrah, a wicket and 7 runs came off it.3 overs in, we’re now 21/1. We know what to look out for, let’s play this through! ??#RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI #IPLFinal- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 201722.06 IST: Bumrah to Tripathi, OUT! Bumrah strikes! Just what Mumbai wanted. Length delivery shaping back in on middle and off, Tripathi comes half-forward to defend. The ball however hits him on the pad first and then it hits the bat. Bumrah is alert to this and he appeals loudly. The umpire raises his finger and Rahul has to walk back. He’s a little unfortunate though, replays show that the ball would have gone over the stumps. A bit of luck for Mumbai, they won’t mind. RPS 17/1 in 2.2 ovsCOME ON, MUMBAIII!!!! ??????#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal pic.twitter.com/UejsLB3t6b- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 2017OUT! PLUMB IN FRONT! Bumrah has got the breakthrough and Tripathi is on his bike.#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal pic.twitter.com/32dE6lO1XL- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201722.04 IST: Johnson to Tripathi, FOUR! FOUR from Tripathi spoils the over from Johnson. RPS 14/0 in 2 ovs21.58 IST: Krunal to Rahane, FOUR! Boundary to end the over. Short and flat outside off, Rahane camps back and punches it through covers. Pollard makes a lot of ground from long off and puts in a dive to cut it off, but is unable to stop it.. RPS 6/0 in 1 over, chasing 1306?/0? after 1 over!Krunal has started well. We need to keep it tight.#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201721.56 IST: Krunal to Rahane, gets off the mark with a single on the off side.21.55 IST: The openers, Rahul Tripathi and Ajinkya Rahane, are out in the middle for Pune. Mumbai will open the attack with left-arm spinner Krunal Pandya.TIME TO CHASE! ??Our batsmen are walking in! #Rahane & Tripathi will open! #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI #IPLFinal- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 2017Mumbai Innings:21.41 IST: Rising Pune Supergiant restrict Mumbai Indians to 129/8 in 20 overs. Unadkat 2/19, Zampa 2/32. This is the lowest total by a team batting first in an IPL final.  The chase has just begun! 1?3?0? is the Golden Number for our #IPLFinal #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI pic.twitter.com/K0RdexXnn9- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 2017It would seem a relatively easy task for Pune. But, the wicket will get much slower and if Mumbai manage to scalp a couple of early wickets, we could certainly have a match on our hands. The Powerplay will be key for both teams. Let’s see how it goes. Join us back in a short while for the chase.Under pressure, Krunal was fantastic! ??#CricketMeriJaan #IPLfinal #MI pic.twitter.com/KcGb6VyxYB- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 2017 Another excellent bowling performance from Pune. They came out and were right on the money from the start. Cramped the Mumbai batsmen for room in the Powerplay, got the wickets then and just kept at it. Krunal Pandya was the only one who provided any kind of resistance. He fell short of his fifty but his 50-run stand with Mitchell Johnson has given Mumbai something to bowl at.Commendable fightback! We have put up a competitive total on this pitch, Paltan. Now’s the time to #BELI3VE#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal pic.twitter.com/CkCbNQ3pG8- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201721.40 IST: Christian to Krunal, OUT! In the air… taken! Slower short delivery, Pandya looks to pull it away but gets a top edge. The ball goes high in the air and Rahane from deep mid-wicket, runs forward, settles under it and pouches it safely.Mumbai Indians complete their innings with a score of 129/8. ???We will be chasing down 130. #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI #IPLFinal- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 201721.37 IST: Christian to Krunal, SIX! Boom! Pandya picks the slower one early and smokes it over the bowler’s head for a biggie. Crucial runs these!21.34 IST: UNadkat to Krunal, SIX! Slower delivery, shaping in, Pandya pulls it handsomely over mid-wicket for a maximum. MI reach 115/7 in 19 overs.1?1?5?/7? in 19 overs!We got 10 off that over! Let’s aim for over 15 off the last one.#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201721.31 IST: Christian to Krunal, FOUR! Fuller length delivery outside off, Pandya creams it through cover-point. Sundar in the deep looks to cut it off but fails to keep it out. 13 runs off the over! MI 105/7 in 18 overs 1?0?5?/7? in 18 overs!We got 13 off the last one, let’s get MOREEEEEE!#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 2017FOUR! Screams off the bat! Krunal smashes the ball through point for a boundary.#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201721.27 IST: Christian to Johnson, SIX! Mistimed into the fence! Short and angling away, Johnson flat-bats it over mid on. Fails to get it off the meat but the ball still travels the distance. Much-needed maximum, this!21.26 IST: Another superb over from Unadkat comes to an end, just six runs came off it. Krunal and Johnson are both struggling to get the big hits at this stage. MI 92/7 in 17 ovsKrunal’s looking to finish the innings on a high! ??#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal pic.twitter.com/OpTx2RuhJN- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201721.20 IST: Just five runs came from Christian’s over, he’s in his second spell now. MI 86/7 in 16 overs8?6?/7? in 16 overs!We have 24 balls left! Can we get over 30 runs off them? Fingers crossed!#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201721.16 IST: Last four overs – 16 runs, 2 wickets. Shardul concedes just two runs. MI 81/7 in 15 ovs8?1?/7? in 15 overs!Now, we are into the death overs. We can still capitalise them.#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201721.10 IST: RUN OUT! Comedy of errors! Pitched on a length, angling away, Karn tries to turn it away on the leg side but gets a leading edge and the ball flies wide of Christian at first slip. He gets low to his left, gets both hands to it but ends up dropping it. However, there’s a big mix-up in the middle. Christian is alert and throws it towards Thakur, who runs at the striker’s end. Shardul collects the ball and takes off the bails. This one was on the cards as since Krunal has arrived at the crease, there always have been many mix-ups. MI 79/7 in 14.1 ovs CATCH DROPPED – WICKET TAKEN! An RPS Special in an #IPLFinal #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI #IPLFinal- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 2017Dropped & yet OUT! ???Where can you see that? ???Another Sharma heads out! MI 79/7! #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI #IPLFinal- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 201721.08 IST: A wicket and just three runs came off that over from Christian. MI 79/6 in 14 overs Never has the final seen a sub 100 total set by team batting 1stWill happen tonight?#DimagSay Yes!#BingPredictshttps://t.co/2AQVPErOvM- Mohandas Menon (@mohanstatsman) May 21, 201721.04 IST: Christian to Hardik, OUT! Christian strikes! Strength and on a length, angling in, Hardik looks to play it across the line but misses and gets rapped on the pads. The players go up in appeal and the umpire raises his finger straightaway. Another one bites the dust. This is some performance from the Pune bowlers. MI 78/6 in 13.2 ovs Daaaamnn Daniel! Back at it again with the wickets!Hardik comes in and goes back out in a jiffy! 78/6???#RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI #IPLFinal- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 201721.02 IST: 10 runs came off that over from Zampa as Mumbai reach 76/5 in 13 overs13 overs in, MI 76/5. ??????#RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI #IPLFinal- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 201721.00 IST: Zampa to Hardik, SIX! Glorious! Tossed up outside off, Pandya lofts it with the spin over wide long off and clears the fence for a maximum.SIX! Simply WOW! Hardik plays an effortless lofted shot! The ball lands beyond the fence at cover.#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal pic.twitter.com/gf0rbc5yon- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201720.59 IST: The Pandya brothers are out there in the middle but can they rescue Mumbai? 66/5 in 12 overs 20.56 IST: Zampa to Pollard, WICKET! That’s some unbelievable field placement. Tossed up full on off, Pollard goes flat and straight down the ground. Manoj Tiwary has been placed at straight long off and he pouches it with ease. Kudos to Zampa for tossing it up again. Mumbai in big trouble now. They have lost half their side now. MI 65/5 in 11 ovsANOTHER ONE!!! Zampa gets the big ??Tiwary with the catch! Pollard heads back! MI – 65/5#RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI #IPLFinal- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 201720.54 IST: Zampa to Pollard, SIX! Zampa snuffs out Rohit, Pollard to leave Mumbai reeling. MI 63/4 20.49 IST: Zampa to Rohit, OUT! Big wicket! Flatter and shorter delivery, sliding in, Rohit Sharma camps back and heaves it over mid-wicket. Shardul Thakur in the deep takes a good catch but fails to keep his balance right. The momentum takes him behind and he seems to avoid the fence by just. The umpire still goes upstairs and the replay shows that the catch is clean. This is a big blow to Mumbai. Rohit once again departs to a leggie. MI 56/3 in 10 oversShardul maintained his balance and didn’t touch the ropes. #RohitSharma should consider himself unlucky there.#CricketMeriJaan #IPLfinal- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201720.46 IST: Pune coach Stephen Fleming has lost a bet it seems and that’s why is wearing a suit tonight.#IPLfinal – Do we have a football manager on a cricket field? – @SPFleming7 #RPSvMI pic.twitter.com/fnAZUEQHv9- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) May 21, 201720.44 IST: Strategic time out! Mumbai Indians 50/3 in 9 overs. Rohit 23*, Krunal 5*. Last 4 ovs – 1/34Time Out has been taken. Pune once again have held an upper hand on the game over Mumbai. They have kept the runs in check and got rid of the opposition’s top order. Mumbai would hope that their skipper stays out in the middle for as long as possible and help them post a good total.5?0?/3? in 9 overs!That was a quiet over for us! Wickets in hand is the key from now on.#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201720.36 IST: DIRECT HIT! GONE! Brilliant work from Steven Smith, this is a great piece of fielding. Bull’s eye! Rayudu pushes this towards wide mid off and sets off for the run. Smith is quick to the ball as he runs to his left and within no time, fires it at the non-striker’s end. It’s awesome and he hits his target. Rayudu’s reaction indicates he hasn’t made it as the decision goes upstairs. Replays show he’s well out of his crease and that’s another blow to Mumbai. MI 41/3 in 7.2 ovsThis final looks like a match between Pune and scars inflicted by Pune.#IPLfinal- Ashwin Ravichandran (@ashwinravi99) May 21, 2017That’s OUTTTT!!!!!!! This is incredible work from #Smithy here! Rayudu must depart. MI 41/3. #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI #IPLFinal- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 201720.29 IST: Ferguson to Rohit, FOUR!!!! 16 off the over, this is just what Mumbai would have needed. A much better, controlled shot from Rohit Sharma this time. He stands tall and drives it on the up through the covers for a boundary. An expensive over, but Pune are still well ahead at this point. An excellent Powerplay for them.FOUR! ??? quality stroke! Rohit gets forward and plays a gorgeous drive.#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal pic.twitter.com/b2Toa01syK- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201720.28 IST: Ferguson to Rohit, FOUR!!! Edged and away! In the corridor of uncertainty, Rohit tries to feel for it and gets a thick edge. Flies past the vacant slip cordon to the third man boundary.FOUR! Streaky, but works for us! Rohit looks to drive but edges the ball away to the third man fence.#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201720.27 IST: Ferguson to Rohit, FOUR!! ALMOST… The Mumbai captain could have been gone as well. The placement needed to be perfect and he executed it well. Straying on the pads, Sharma whips it past Unadkat at short fine leg for a boundary.FOUR! Helped on its way! Ferguson strays and Rohit punishes him with a clip to the fine leg fence.#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201720.26 IST: Ferguson to Rohit, FOUR! First boundary of the day! Good shot from Rohit Sharma. It’s too full and wide outside off, room on offer as the batsman open the face to drive it square. Gets it between point and cover-point all the way to the fence for a boundary.FOUR! Helped on its way! Ferguson strays and Rohit punishes him with a clip to the fine leg fence.#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201720.25 IST: Shardul concedes just five runs from his first over. MI are struggling big time now 16/2 in 5 ovs 20.21 IST: Rayudu Survives! Not out! Rayudu survives. But a good delivery from Washington Sundar. Ambati comes forward to play for the turn which isn’t there. It goes past the outside edge and Dhoni whips the bails off in a flash, but appeals half-heartedly. He probably thinks Rayudu’s back leg might just be in. It’s still taken upstairs, replays confirm the same.1?1?/2? in 4 overs!We will look to get a few boundaries away in the next two Powerplay overs.#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201720.15 IST: Unadkat to Simmons, OUT! Look at the brilliance from Jaydev Unadkat! Wow… That was outstanding. Superb stuff. Good length ball on middle, it’s the slower one and well deceived which does Lendl Simmons in. He closes the face a bit to flick but the ball goes off the leading edge. Bobbles back in Unadkat’s direction and he dives low to his left to take a stunner with his left hand. Takes the catch cleanly just above the turf and gets his second of the over. Not easy to take those, showed great reflexes in his follow-through.Sorry, it was so fast that even the reaction meter couldn’t track the time! #IPLfinal #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI pic.twitter.com/IhdI2JaJsQ- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 2017We didn’t even get to react to it as quick as he bowled& caught that one! @JUnadkat is a ???MI – 9/2#RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI #IPLFinal- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 201720.11 IST: Unadkat to Parthiv, OUT! Unadkat has his man! Cramps Parthiv Patel for room as he draws first blood. On a back of a length, Parthiv looks to heave it over mid on but does not time it well at all. It lobs towards Shardul Thakur positioned there who takes a dolly running in a few paces. Mumbai lose an early wicket, great start for Steven Smith’s [email protected] is a star! @parthiv9 departs! MI 7-1. #IPLfinal #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI pic.twitter.com/dvtrfjfUUp- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 201720.09 IST: 12 balls have been bowled and NO boundaries have been scored yet. Superb start from 17-year-old Sundar as well, gives away just four runs. MI 7/0 in 2 ovs20.05 IST: Decent start for Pune, Unadkat gives away just three runs from the first over. MI 3/0 in 1 over3 runs off the 1st over. MI 3/0. #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI #IPLFinal- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 201719.47 IST: Let me remind you once again that Mumbai Indians have won the toss and elected to bat first against Rising Pune Supergiant.19.45 IST: Sachin Tendulkar: Terrific to be back here. Great atmosphere, like all the IPL venues. Hyderabad is truly special – the fans here engage themselves. We have players from all over the world participating and our youngsters have an opportunity to rub shoulders with them for good 40-50 days. It’s not just about pre-match preparations; it’s also about post match recovery. For example, Jacques Kallis spent a lot of time in KKR, so you get to understand the South African culture.Nitish Rana from our team has done really well. Batted brilliantly in the first half of the tournament.Rishabh Pant is a special talent. To me, he looks like a combination of Yuvraj Singh and Suresh Raina – the set up and the bat swing. Wonderful to watch. Have been watching Thampi and Siraj.Bumrah has been around for a while and performing consistently well. Tripathi has a beautiful bat swing and a cover drive of his the other day reminded me of Viru!Yes, it’s never easy to have a tragedy in your family and then turn up and focus on the game (on Rishabh’s bereavement on the eve of IPL). I can understand what he must have gone through, because same happened with me in the 1999 World Cup. It takes time to overcome and is a loss that’s irreparable. Full marks to Rishabh and his family; in these times, you need your family’s support.” THIS. IS. IT!#CricketMeriJaan #IPLfinal #MI #BELI3VE pic.twitter.com/34cyqSGlB3- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201719.39 IST: Mumbai Indians have won the IPL title whenever they have batted first in the final.2?0?1?3? – We batted first and won2?0?1?5? – We batted first and won2?0?1?7? – We are batting first again#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 201719.36 IST: Both teams are unchanged for this game.Mumbai Playing XI – Lendl Simmons, Parthiv Patel(WK), Rohit Sharma(C), Ambati Rayudu, Kieron Pollard, Krunal Pandya, Hardik Pandya, Karn Sharma, Mitchell Johnson, Lasith Malinga, Jasprit Bumrah.Pune Playing XI – Ajinkya Rahane, Rahul Tripathi, Steven Smith(C), Manoj Tiwary, MS Dhoni(WK), Daniel Christian, Washington Sundar, Lockie Ferguson, Shardul Thakur, Adam Zampa, Jaydev Unadkat.For the final time this season, here’s our playing 11 for the #IPLfinal#CricketMeriJaan #BELI3VE #MI pic.twitter.com/eXyxlfcwhD- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 2017We have an unchanged Playing XI & we’re looking for an unchanged result vs MI. ?????#RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI #IPLFinal pic.twitter.com/1e9FDxFja8- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 201719.30 IST: TOSS! Mumbai Indians win toss and elect to bat against Rising Pune SupergiantMI win the toss & elect to first bat first! We will be chasing tonight! ??#RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI #IPLFinal pic.twitter.com/86RUckmVk5- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 201719.27 IST: Manoj Tiwary seems pretty confident ahead of the all-important final game.”Out of 3 we have beaten then 3 times and we are looking forward to a 4th time!” – @tiwarymanoj ???#RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI #IPLFinal- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 201719.25 IST: Will Dhoni get to lift his fourth IPL trophy tonight?The Legend plays his 7th #IPLFInal tonight! Send in your support using #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvMI pic.twitter.com/AKk92hKhqR- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) May 21, 201719.15 IST: Jasprit Bumrah: This is my third final with Mumbai, but for the first time, I’ll be playing it. I’m still learning. I’m lucky to be with Mumbai to interact with a lot of legends. We had a good start this year, usually we are slow. We had a good momentum and we want to use it in the final. We are very excited, it’s a big game, we’ll give our best effort. We’ve lost three times to Pune, but hopefully we’ll change it around.”We’ll try to stick to our plans & put our best foot forward.”@Jaspritbumrah93 is raring to go against RPS.#CricketMeriJaan #MI #IPLfinal pic.twitter.com/ICKnhDnwNU- Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 21, 2017Preview:Rising Pune Supergiant Road to IPL 2017 Final:Rising Pune Supergiant came into the Indian Premier League season 10 on the back of a disastrous season last year when they finished seventh in the eight-team tournament. They had managed to win only five matches in their debut season in 2016 under the leadership of MS Dhoni.Most wins in Head to Head contests in #IPL:16-5 MI vs KKR14-7 KKR vs KXIP13-8 MI vs RCB#MIvKKR #IPL2017- Rajneesh Gupta (@rgcricket) May 19, 2017However, Rising Pune Supergiant took some really tough decisions ahead of the tournament and it has worked wonders for the team.MOM in IPL finals – Yusuf, Kumble, Raina, Vijay, Bisla, Pollard, Pandey, Rohit & Cutting. So it’s not just big names on the big nights.- Sanjay Manjrekar (@sanjaymanjrekar) May 21, 2017They off-loaded 15 players from the team,removed Dhoni as the captain, handed the leadership to Steve Smith, bought the most sought after all-rounder Ben Stokes for a whopping Rs 14.5 crore at the IPL auction in February and removed the letter ‘S’ from the team’s name.Highest run-scorer: Steve Smith (421 runs)Highest wicket-taker: Jaydev Unadkat (22 wickets)Mumbai Indians Road to IPL 2017 Final:Mumbai Indians breezed into the final of the Indian Premier League 2017 with a six-wicket win over Kolkata Knight Riders in Qualifier 2 at Bengaluru’s M Chinnaswamy Stadium on Friday.MI strength,bowling. Batting,hit & miss. Pune overall, not as strong, but have 2 big match players in Dhoni & Smith. MI hold slight edge.- Sanjay Manjrekar (@sanjaymanjrekar) May 21, 2017Mumbai, who came into the match after a 20-run defeat against Rising Pune Supergiant in Qualifier 1, displayed a clinical performance to enter their fourth IPL final.4th time Mumbai Indians have reached #IPL final.2010- Runner-up (lost to CSK)2013- Winner (beat CSK)2015- Winner (beat CSK)#MIvKKR- Rajneesh Gupta (@rgcricket) May 19, 2017The Rohit Sharma-led Mumbai have been in rampaging form this year. With 10 victories in 14 league matches, they finished on top of the table and ensured themselves a double bite at the cherry.Two-time champions Mumbai Indians will now lock horns with state rivals Rising Pune Supergiants in the title clash in Hyderabad on Sunday.Interestingly, Mumbai had lost both their league matches against Rising Pune Supergiant this season and they would look forward to script a different result and become the first team to win the IPL crown thrice.Highest run-scorer: Parthiv Patel (391 runs)Highest wicket-taker: Mitchell McClenaghan (19 wickets)last_img read more

Crawford’s Shot Lifts Suns Past Bucks, 116-114 – Antetokounmpo Had a Season-High 35 points

first_imgMILWAUKEE (AP) — The Phoenix Suns didn’t look like the team with the second-worst record in the NBA in facing Milwaukee.The Suns turned the tables on the league’s second-best team, controlling the game from the outset and withstanding a late rally, defeating the Bucks 116-114 on Friday night on Jamal Crawford’s jumper with 0.8 seconds left.The victory gave the Suns their first road win of the season.“We showed a lot of grit,” said Crawford, in his 19th season. “Everybody was so tied together. Everybody was so engaged. We were saying the right things on the bench. This seems like the most gratifying win.”Devin Booker had 29 points, and T.J. Warren 19 for Phoenix. The Suns won for just the second time in their last nine games and ended a six-game losing streak to the Bucks.Milwaukee lost for just the fifth time in 18 games this season.“We came ready to play from the get-go,” Phoenix coach Igor Kokoskov said. “We came to compete. It was a challenging moment for us when they came back.”Deandre Ayton credited his teammates for not folding after the Bucks stormed back to take a late fourth-quarter lead.“It was the first time we actually answered back from a punch from another team,” Ayton said. “The energy on the court was insane. I just felt that we were going to win that game.”Even so, the Bucks still nearly pulled out the victory.After Crawford’s jumper with Malcolm Brogdon draped on him, Milwaukee called a timeout. Khris Middleton, after a quick head fake, made a corner 3 after the buzzer. The call was confirmed after a brief review.“I hesitated for some reason,” Middleton said.Giannis Antetokounmpo had a season-high 35 points to lead Milwaukee, and Brogdon added 22 points. The Bucks were coming off a 143-100 home victory over Portland on Wednesday night.“We’ve got to be able to come out with more energy, especially with a team like that,” Antetokounmpo said. “When you play around with a game, the game kills you.”Middleton tied it at 108 on a free throw for Suns coach Igor Kokoskov’s technical foul. Antetokounmpo’s layup put the Bucks up 110-108. Booker was whistled for a technical foul, and Middleton again converted to put Milwaukee up by three. Brogdon was fouled as he made a driving layup, and his free throw put the Bucks up by six and capped a frantic 14-0 run.A three by Trevor Ariza pulled the Suns within three with about a minute left. Warren’s traditional three-point play tied it at 114. After Antetokounmpo’s turnover, Phoenix got possession of the ball with 12.2 seconds left, setting up Crawford’s winner.SECOND OPTIONCrawford wasn’t the first option on the Suns’ final possession. The play had been designed for Booker to get the first look. “I got the ball and I looked for (Booker), but (Eric) Bledsoe was still on him so I didn’t want to chance it, trying to get it to him,” Crawford said. “I’m comfortable in that situation.”UP FOR THE CHALLENGEAyton said he relished the opportunity to guard Antetokounmpo late in the game. “I’m a competitor. That stuff is in my blood. I’m a lion. I take my pride into it. I just knew we needed this stop and I got it. That’s it.”MISSING IN ACTIONBucks’ center Brook Lopez missed all 12 of his 3-point attempts, leaving coach Mike Budenholzer dumbfounded. “It’s a surprise. He’s a great shooter,” Budenholzer said. “Some nights, it’s not your night. “I think the positive was that he kept shooting. It takes a lot of fortitude to keep shooting. We’ll keep pushing him.”TIP-INSSuns: Made 14 of 23 shots (61 percent) in the first quarter.Bucks: G Donte DiVincenzo missed his fourth consecutive game with a left quadriceps strain. “I think he’s close to what we had hoped but I don’t have an update other than I know he’s making progress in the right direction,” coach Mike Budenholzer said.UP NEXTSuns: At Detroit on Sunday.Bucks: Host San Antonio on Saturday night to wrap up a six-game homestand.By RICH ROVITO , Associated PressTweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more