Egypt : RSF unveils portraits of journalists jailed by Sisi regime

first_imgMoataz Wednan, journalist with, inter alia, the Huffington Post (which is blocked in Egypt) to go further Mahmoud Hussein Gomaa, a journalist with Al Jazeera (which is banned in Egypt) Organisation News In addition to the arbitrary nature of their detention, these journalists are being subjected to appalling conditions and are suffering from a lack of medical attention. According to the information obtained by RSF, the journalist and human rights defender Hisham Gaafar needs an urgent operation that has been postponed for months. The Egyptian public health system’s many flaws are made much worse by the prison system’s disorganization. The families of some detainees have even reported suicide attempts. News This is the case with Shawkan, a photographer arrested as he was about to cover the use of deadly force to disperse a Muslim Brotherhood sit-in; Ismail Alexandrani, a journalist and researcher who was writing about anti-terrorist operations in the Sinai Peninsula; Mohamed al Husseini Hassan, an independent journalist who tried to do a story about Egypt’s runaway inflation; and Moataz Wednan, a journalist who interviewed Hisham Genena, a former anti-corruption judge with information implicating senior officials. February 1, 2021 Find out more EgyptMiddle East – North Africa Condemning abusesReports and statistics The Egyptian authorities treat critical journalism as a grave threat to state security. Most of the imprisoned journalists worked for opposition media outlets that are now banned, or they covered sensitive subjects. The portraits of the ten emblematic cases published by RSF today: January 22, 2021 Find out more Mahmoud Abu Zeid, aka Shawkan, freelance photojournalist Ismail Alexandrani, journalist and researcher specializing in Jihadi groups in the Sinai Peninsula Receive email alerts January 23, 2019 – Updated on January 24, 2019 Egypt : RSF unveils portraits of journalists jailed by Sisi regime The persecution of Egyptian journalists does not stop when they are released from prison. They usually have to report to a police station at least once and often several times a week, are banned from leaving the country and are often threatened with further prosecution. Detained woman journalist pressured by interrogator, harassed by prison staffcenter_img News EgyptMiddle East – North Africa Condemning abusesReports and statistics Less press freedom than ever in Egypt, 10 years after revolution Hisham Gaafar, journalist and human rights defender Help by sharing this information Ahmed al Sakhawy, freelance photographer and video reporter News At least 32 Egyptian journalists are currently detained in Egypt, according to the information gathered by RSF. Most are detained preventively (many of them already longer than the maximum permitted period) and most do not know exactly what they are charged with. Four have been convicted by military courts in trials with no transparency and, by definition, illegal for civilians. Egypt is ranked 161st in the RSF Index. Omar Mohamed Ali, freelance photographer and video reporter February 6, 2021 Find out more Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Radwan, aka Mohamed Oxygen, a video blogger Follow the news on Egypt As French President Emmanuel Macron prepares to fly to Cairo on 27 January for a state visit, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is publishing portraits of the ten most emblematic cases of journalists imprisoned in Egypt. All were arrested since Gen. Abdel Fatah el-Sisi seized power in 2013. Hassan al Banna Mubarak, a novice freelance journalist Mohamed al Husseini Hassan, freelance photographer and video reporter RSF_en Al Jazeera journalist Mahmoud Hussein back home after four years in prisonlast_img read more

News story: Minute’s silence to mark Finsbury Park Attack one year ago

first_imgA minute’s silence will be held on Tuesday 19th June 2018 at 12noon in remembrance of those who lost their lives and were affected by the Finsbury Park attack, one year ago.The silence will be marked at UK government buildings and other organisations may follow suit.last_img

The Internet of Things Gets Real At Dell EMC World

first_imgFew technologies have had as much hype and publicity in the manufacturing and industrial space as the Internet of Things (IoT). Magazines feel the need to cover it. Marketing people weave it into any press release that they can.If you really want to know what the Internet of Things is, along with some of its potential, the place to go was the IoT and OEM booth at Dell EMC World Expo.The Dell Gateway was the core piece of technology connecting all the disparate elements.Control Valve Condition MonitoringThe reality of the working system for manufacturing was demonstrated by a real-world working demonstration of control valve condition monitoring—such as might be found on an oil pipeline. An instrument on the control valve communicates data such as usage, temperature, and the like to a Pi database (a standard in the industry from OSIsoft) housed in a Dell Gateway 5000 via the industrial HART IP protocol.The Gateway stores the data and uploads to the cloud, where another OSIsoft Pi database. Data is sent to a smart device such as a tablet or phone for information or action by appropriate plant personnel.Why is this important? By continuously monitoring the state of the control valve, operations and maintenance can plan for condition-based maintenance. Since so many of these are in remote locations, saving trips to the site for repair reduces both cost and risk of failure.Should there be an interruption of the communication link of the Gateway to the cloud, no problem. The Gateway stores data and then uploads upon restoration of the link.Food SafetyAnother demonstration of a real case study was from IMS Evolve. This company monitors refrigerated equipment throughout the food processing and delivery supply chain. It takes only a slight variation in temperature to ruin food meant to be refrigerated or frozen. Companies need to identify potentially contaminated food in order to target recalls. Better yet, tracking the data can reveal trends and enable customers to proactively maintain equipment thus avoiding problems.Augmented RealityPerhaps the hit of the booth was the DAQRI augmented reality hard hat. You can walk through a construction site and visualize where HVAC ducts and wiring conduits are designed to go. The contractor can detect interferences and layout problems at the design stage before wasting time and material from rework.IoT Advisory ServicesMany teams evaluating IoT implementations wonder if they can do a good implementation with internal resources or if they would be ahead to hire consultants who have been down that road before.IoT Technology Advisory Service is a new consulting offer from Dell EMC Services to help organizations determine the key capabilities and architecture required to leverage IoT data (e.g., sensors, beacons, gateways, mobile phones, wearables, connected devices). This information can be used for initiatives such as optimizing key operational processes, reducing compliance and security risks, uncovering new revenue opportunities and creating more compelling customer engagements.Open Source EcosystemAll of the above are applications of IoT that you can actually implement today. This is not some Star Trek future dream. Although there is plenty of room for dreaming up new applications.To me the significant announcement is the EdgeX Foundry open source project. The Dell EMC IoT team has assembled an impressive array of companies contributing to the ecosystem with many more on the way. A couple of those considering are ones that I do a lot of work with. I hope they join.The project features a set of open source micro services donated by Dell EMC from the FUSE project that provide the connectivity layer for the various sensor inputs and applications. The use of standards and open APIs enables an IoT platform very much like the Web where any application can join as long as they use standard, interoperable connectivity.I previously wrote about EdgeX after my interview with Jason Shepherd in Hannover, Germany. You can read it on my blog.Disclosure: I attended the Dell EMC World event with my expenses paid by Dell.Gary Mintchell, [email protected], is a manufacturing technology writer and consultant and the Founder of The Manufacturing Connection ( You can follow him on Twitter @garymintchell. The following is a guest post from Gary Mintchell the Founder and CEO at Manufacturing Connection. Mintchell is an expert in the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and has followed the strategy, partner ecosystem and roadmap of Dell’s IoT Group since its inception in 2015. He has had deep dives on the topic with Dell’s IoT Group leadership and Dell’s CTO for Client Solutions, Liam Quinn, during this year’s Dell EMC World.last_img read more