Tom Waits Surprise Guests With Mavis Staples For His First Live Performance In Two Years [Videos]

While Waits’ appearance onstage was a rare occurrence for the 67-year-old singer, Staples has been ramping up her productivity in recent months. Last week, she announced the pending release of a brand new album co-written with Jeff Tweedy of Wilco (out November 17th), and shared the album’s first single, “If All I Was Was Black,” for which Tweedy added the music to Staples’ lyrics. That same day, Mavis also announced a full Fall Tour with the great Bob Dylan. The 20+ date national tour will begin in Southern California on October 13th, and wrap up on November 16th in Boston. For a full list of tour dates, head to Dylan’s website. can listen to Staples’ new single, “If All I Was Was Black,” below via Staples’ YouTube page:Bob Dylan w/ Mavis Staples 2017 Fall Tour Dates10/13 Harrah’s Resort SoCal – The Events Center @ Valley Center, CA10/14 The Cosmopolitan Hotel – The Chelsea Theatre @ Las Vegas, NV10/17 Eccles Theater @ Salt Lake City, UT10/18 Eccles Theater @ Salt Lake City, UT10/21 1st Bank Center @ Denver, CO10/23 Century Link Center @ Omaha, NE10/24 Stephens Auditorium @ Ames, IA10/25 Xcel Energy Center @ St Paul, MN10/27 Wintrust Arena @ Chicago, IL10/28 Van Andel Arena @ Grand Rapids, MI10/29 IU Auditorium @ Bloomington, IN11/1 Fox Theater @ Detroit, MI11/3 EJ Thomas Hall @ Akron, OH11/5 Palace Theater @ Columbus, OH11/6 Peterson Events Center @ Pittsburgh, PA11/8 Nassau Coliseum @ Uniondale, NY11/10 Coliseum @ Richmond, VA11/11 Tower Theatre @ Philadelphia, PA11/12 Tower Theatre @ Philadelphia, PA11/14 The Anthem @ Washington, DC11/16 Agannis Arena @ Boston, MA[h/t – Consequence of Sound] Last night, renowned singer-songwriter Tom Waits marked his first live appearance in over two years when he joined Mavis Staples onstage at a Lagunitas Brewery location in California. The famously gravelly-voiced singer duetted with Mavis on The Staple Singers‘ 1972 Grammy-winning soul classic, “Respect Yourself. Until the sit-in with Staples, Waits had not given a live performance since he visited The Late Show in 2015 ahead of then-host David Letterman‘s departure from the show.You can watch an assortment of crowd-shot videos from Tom Waits’ surprise guest appearance with Mavis Staples below:Crowd-shot video via Facebook user Richard Zeno: read more

Cogongrass, new kudzu

first_imgBy Sharon OmahenUniversity of GeorgiaMove over, kudzu — there’s a new weed around, and it’s headedour way.The highly invasive cogongrass is being called the new weed toreckon with, according to scientists across the Southeast.A perennial that spreads from wind-blown seeds and scaly, whiterhizomes, cogongrass was introduced into the United States bothaccidentally and intentionally.”It made its way into the country on ships that ported inAlabama,” said Tim Murphy, an Extension weed scientist with theUniversity of Georgia College of Agricultural and EnvironmentalSciences. Came in on ships”It was used as a packing material,” Murphy said. “Then it wasevaluated for soil erosion control and as a forage grass.Unfortunately, cattle won’t eat it.”Now found in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida,South Carolina and Virginia, cogongrass has been added to theFederal Noxious Weeds List. It has also been identified inBainbridge, Ga. and a few other spots in southeast Georgia,Murphy said.”It hasn’t spread across our state yet, but it’s just a matter oftime,” he said. “We’ve just got a small infestation now. But it’sa highly evasive weed that can quickly displace nativevegetation.”Cogongrass produces upright, smooth stems that grow 2 to 4 feethigh and form compacted stands. It normally flowers in March toMay, producing silvery or white, silky hairs that look likeplumes. Fire hazard, hard to manageBesides taking over other plants, cogongrass is a firehazard.”It creates an extremely hot fire which can easily destroy smallpine stands,” Murphy said.Cogongrass isn’t a weed that can be easily managed. Researchersin Florida, Alabama and Mississippi are trying to find ways tocontrol it.”Kudzu can at least be managed, and it has some redeemingqualities,” Murphy said. “Animals graze it, and some people cookwith it.”Cogongrass isn’t a major problem in Georgia yet.”It will eventually move into the southern portion of our state,”he said. “It will take a coordinated effort among privatelandowners and various state and federal agencies to prevent itfrom becoming a major problem.”last_img read more

Surveillance and Aerial Control of Brazilian Territorial Waters

first_img Two years after the beginning of World War II, the Axis threat made itself felt under the waters of the South Atlantic. German and Italian submarines operating in the region conducted a series of torpedo attacks on Brazilian merchant vessels, forcing President Getúlio Vargas to declare war on Germany and Italy, on August 22, 1942. Four days later, a Vultee V-11 plane from what was then Gravatai Air Base (today’s Canoas) attacked a submarine 50 miles from Ararangua, off the coast of Santa Catarina state. The Air Patrol was consequently the leading actor in Brazil’s first military action, off the country’s south coast, in the largest conflict of the twentieth century. Over 60 years have gone by since the end of World War II, and in the same region, at any hour and in the area’s typical severe weather conditions, there is always a maritime patrol aircraft ready to preserve Brazil’s sovereignty in its territorial waters. The 2nd Squadron, 7th Aviation Group, is headquartered at Florianopolis Air Base. The Phoenix Squadron is the only Brazilian Air Force (FAB) Air Patrol unit based in the southern part of the country. It is equipped with P-95B Bandeirulha aircraft, the patrol version of the EMB-110, a domestically developed airplane manufactured by Embraer. With a range that has been extended to over seven hours, thanks to the incorporation of fuel tanks into the wings, the Bandeirulhas have an area of responsibility that encompasses 3.5 million km² of Brazil’s territorial waters, soon to be extended by another 950,000 km², the area known as the Blue Amazon. At the same time that the Government announces the discovery and exploration of important petroleum reserves in the pre-salt region, international greed for these areas also increases. On the other hand, more than 90 percent of Brazilian trade passes through the country’s territorial waters. Protecting these maritime routes and this submerged wealth is something that makes the Air Patrol more and more important every day. The P-95B Bandeirulha aircraft had their baptism of fire in 1982, when Brazil leased two aircraft on an emergency basis, at Argentina’s request, to counter the threat posed to the Falkland Islands by the British fleet. In this conflict, they operated as part of the Exploration and Reconnaissance Squadron between May and June of 1982. These aircraft can be armed with SBAT-70 rockets mounted on four pylons installed at fixed locations under the wings. Due to their low performance, in the event of war the Bandeirulhas would not engage in direct combat against military targets, since they are only able to launch rockets against small enemy patrol ships and merchant vessels or serve as command, control, and electronic warfare aircraft. Their main task consists in interdiction and combat support. The P-95B, through the powerful search radar installed in its nose, can detect, locate, identify, and vector fighter-plane attacks on surface targets. This command-and-control task has been constantly performed in support of air-surface exercises by Air Force A-1 (AMX) fighters and Brazilian Navy A-4 Skyhawks. With the support of the onboard secure signals espionage, attack, electronic warfare, and electronic espionage systems, the aircraft may be used as a communications and control center for combat operations at sea. By Dialogo October 04, 2011last_img read more

Having Transgender Parents Will Hurt Kids Like It Hurt Me

first_imgThe Federalist 11 October 2016Family First Comment: Good question – “In 1960, when Random House Books first published P.D. Eastman’s classic children’s book “Are You My Mother?,” no one would have guessed that a generation later children might be asking that very question of their fathers.”In 1960, when Random House Books first published P.D. Eastman’s classic children’s book “Are You My Mother?,” no one would have guessed that a generation later children might be asking that very question of their fathers.Imagine Darth Vader surprising Luke Skywalker with the earth-shattering news that he’s the young man’s father—and mother. Sounds funny, maybe even impossible, doesn’t it? But it is possible, and no laughing matter.Modern science and medicine, ever exploring new possibilities, rarely stop these days to consider the ethical implications of zooming down those uncharted paths. Once upon a time, we generally weighed questions of scientific possibility on ethical scales before proceeding. Not so much these days.Consider the Beatie ChildrenIn 2002, doctors performed sex-reassignment surgery on Tracy Lehuanani LaGondino, physically molding the young lady into a resemblance of a young man, Thomas Beatie. Beatie chose to keep her female reproductive organs. In 2008, Beatie became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter. Beatie later gave birth two more times, to sons.In 2012, Beatie filed for and was granted a divorce from her bodybuilder wife, whom she claimed had physically abused her. Recently, Beatie married her kids’ preschool teacher. How are the three Beatie children faring through all this turmoil? It seems that few outside the little family know the answer to that question.Since I grew up with a transgender father, however, I have a pretty good idea. Based on the difficulties I endured and the struggles I saw in my siblings, I suspect the answer is that the Beatie children are not doing well. I suspect they’re confused, sad, sometimes resentful, and sometimes fearful.Beatie’s children—and, increasingly, more like them—will have to struggle with the knowledge that their mother is also their father, or vice versa. If the terminology alone is confusing for adults to pin down, imagine what day-to-day life is like for the kids.What Is in the Child’s Best Interests?Prior to the mid-twentieth century most children were raised by both a mother and a father. That was the natural order—God’s design. That was how most people saw it, and, generally, the arrangement suited society well. Divorce was relatively rare, and when single-parenting occurred, it was more likely due to the death of a parent. These days, divorce or absentee fathers are more likely to be the causes of single-parent homes.READ MORE: up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.last_img read more

ETU Workers Protest over Benefits

first_imgWorkers of almost all of Liberia’s Ebola Treatment Units (ETUs) have staged a major protest in Monrovia, demanding benefits owed them by the Government of Liberia.The workers, predominantly healthcare practitioners, gathered at the seat of the Liberian legislature early Thursday morning to inform lawmakers about their over four month’s unpaid benefits. According to their spokesperson, Alphonso Wieh, remuneration owed the workers include hazard benefits in the amount of US$5,000 each, as well as three months’ salary arrears.The protesting ETU workers included body baggers, maintenance workers and some members of the burial team from several ETUs run by the Liberian government and its partners in Monrovia.Some of them shouted, “During the heat of the Ebola, we took risk by bagging thirty to thirty-five bodies a day. Now that we survived the danger, why can’t we get our hazard benefits?”“We will continue to stage protests to call public attention until our government can address our plight. We worked along with other international colleagues in these various ETUs and all of them have (been paid) risks and other benefits.  What is wrong with ours that we can’t get payments and benefits,” Wieh said.Government has since termed the protest as a “surprise.” Responding to questions about the protest, Deputy Information Minister for Technical Services Robert Kpadeh said: “We find this as news to us and we will verify that information and properly address it. However, government remains committed to ensuring that workers at all levels are paid what is due them, regardless of status.”Meanwhile, the protest continued into some parts of Monrovia for hours, stalling normal vehicle and human traffic.Liberia is among three West African nations hardest hit by the Ebola virus.  At one point, Liberia was the epi-center of the disease, losing nearly 5000 lives.  However, significant progress has been made by government, partners and the citizens in eradicating the virus from Liberia while affected Guinea and Sierra Leone are still struggling to contain the outbreak.Liberia has gone a little over 21 days without a new case and health experts believe with this path, the nation is gradually moving towards the 42-day mark stipulated by the World Health Organization (WHO) to be declared Ebola free.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more