Small business loans to help small bosses who start again

for science and technology entrepreneurs, big sketch venture has a very favorable policy support, in order to fully implement the innovation and entrepreneurship policy, naturally also pay attention to those small boss of entrepreneurship. Therefore, Pukou district has brought them preferential policies for small business loans.

and into the lobster season. In the District of Pukou Yongning Street community of Xi Ge a dragon pond, Zhang Siyang farmers are busy fishing. Zhang Siyang was a cross stitch products dealers, 3 years ago to return to the rural breeding lobster, began the two venture. read more

Small pot sales promotion measures introduced

no matter which one of the sales industry in the pursuit of higher sales performance, the catering industry is a huge market for food and beverage sales, many catering brands are competing for tourists, in order to obtain higher sales. The ultimate goal is to seek a better life for yourself. Hot pot catering market is a hot investment industry, small and medium-sized Hot pot more consumer concern in the market whether it is Hot pot friends, or family, can cause great interest, and such a store, tourists will disperse, and the small Hot pot franchisees want to know how to improve sales performance. read more

Nanchong woman to return to the village to raise nearly ten million annual income entrepreneurial st

entrepreneurial path, has become the current consensus of many people! But after all, entrepreneurship is a risk of the event, a lot of entrepreneurs who have a passion for entrepreneurship, but it has not taken action, leading to their own has been nothing. Entrepreneurship, for every entrepreneur, behind the sad and difficult, but their own well aware of their taste, especially for a woman, it is a kind of sharpening. The following and Xiaobian together to understand the story of the Nanchong woman to return home to raise the sheep entrepreneurial story. read more

nternet banking is a fool can benefit from the financial

with the continuous development of the Internet, we are increasingly aware of the changes in the Internet for life. Internet banking is what?" For this topic, chairman, director of the Institute of intelligent Haibo identity technology cloud North Xie Taoling break out, Internet banking is a fool can benefit from the financial!

4 18, the theme of the Internet financial industry development opportunities, the forum held in Beijing. This is the Sohu financial United Nations Association and the number of Internet banking institutions, together to create the new economic   new financial series opener Forum Forum, the year will be in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Chengdu City, Changsha held more than a peak of words. read more

Tianjin 5 Korean entrepreneurial team in the national animation Park entrepreneurial Roadshow

in the field of entrepreneurship, cultural and creative industries is an important branch. Compared with foreign countries, China’s culture industry is still in a relatively backward stage. China urgently needs to learn from the exchange, to promote the development of local cultural industry.

by South Korea smba Entrepreneurship Development Institute and other institutions selected and invited the first batch of 5 South Korean entrepreneurial team recently come to Tianjin for the project landing, and in 15 in the new Tianjin eco city National Animation Park held a wonderful roadshow. 5 business units 5 venture team were associated with the cultural and creative industries, covering music platform, South Korea experience real games, overseas tourism guide, script creation and cartoon network, NFC technology application in many industries. read more

Wine agent Luzhou strength protection

do wine agency business, choose high popularity brand will be more favorable. Luzhou Lao Jiao Royal Wine Cellar franchise headquarters to provide wealth good opportunity, so that franchisees can use brand products quickly to the road to riches, if you have confidence in the project, then quickly to contact us.

Although the

read more

Jewelry store to seize the woman’s mind can be prosperous business

now with the continuous improvement of women’s consumption capacity, the jewelry industry every year with a rapid pace of development. Look at the streets of clothing stores, beauty salons and so dazzling, most of them are for women. A few million yuan to open a jewelry store, huadianxinsi think nowadays women what is the most popular decorative elements, seize the woman at the woman’s purse, this business can be booming.

mentioned investment shop, Ms. Wang said that in addition to pay attention to women what is the most popular, is also the key to choose the shop. Must be a woman often go to the place, if the woman shopping time convenient place to do. read more