Tens of thousands of monthly salary she does not want her to go online selling buns

online shopping has become an indispensable part of people’s daily lives. The network shopping convenience and peace of mind that we are very popular, but there are some things is not good to online shopping, such as steamed buns, but the individual has rewritten the history.

pro, mobile Internet APP can buy buns oh! Or do the top 500 white-collar workers, door-to-door! Yesterday, in Chengdu Tianfu Software Park to Miss Han, arrived in the office door, received a courier phone. Yes, she received a reeky – online shopping dumplings.

originally, 2 jobs in large enterprises after the resignation of Chengdu white-collar workers, decided to do a real thing is needed to sell buns. Although the sharp drop in revenue was hard and not understood by people around, but two people about the "original intention was not for money, just to sell buns this thing to make them feel really need."

, however, they also said that the current business model is not mature, I hope to go on the track and then share their entrepreneurial story.

new popular meat pack

Chengdu white-collar

afternoon tea: mobile phone ordering pork bun

recently, Chengdu Tianfu Software Park white-collar popular online shopping – a fresh hot steamed stuffed bun. Open the phone in the corresponding APP, browse the meal booking good steamed stuffed bun, not a while express delivery on the big brother, but also cash on delivery.

keep up with the times of the steamed stuffed bun shop, ah, with the APP to sell buns!" Miss Han said, this "big" baozi Inn APP software, is developed, and the site can be ordered, mainly selling the three flavors of big buns: Guangdong, Baozi Stuffed with BBQ Pork bun (full LO) package broth characteristic series and onion flavor of old Chengdu traditional. As long as the user to fill in the receipt address and telephone number, and then free delivery by the delivery, cash on delivery, and the usual online shopping is no different.

and the general is not the same as the steamed stuffed bun, this shop produced steamed buns are covered chapter, some printed with "JAVA", "PHP" and other programmers language, these chapters are covered with red sugar, eat sweet. Micro-blog, a lot of people to buy a steamed stuffed bun have to give praise, often buy steamed buns regulars also was named VIP, enjoy the priority evaluation of new varieties and buy bags of snacks.

the use of network marketing Baozipu since the opening of business rise, from the beginning of every day to sell 100, to 300, to 500 yuan, let the boss and partner Mr. Mei (a pseudonym) think, "this is now done, in addition to love, the most beautiful thing."

steamed stuffed bun born

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