U S aegis destroyers out of Japan broke into the South China Sea China base

The United States announced

aegis destroyers "Larson" will withdraw from the Yokosuka base in japan. This attracted international attention. This "Larson" last year in the South China Sea area China, intended to muddy the situation in the South China sea.

"Larson" in addition to the implementation of the earthquake in Japan in 2011 to support the action "friends battle, and in 2013 was sent to Philippines by a massive typhoon disaster for humanitarian aid.

2015 in October 27th, the American warship Larson without the permission of the government Chinese, illegal entry into the China Spratly Islands on the reefs adjacent waters. Chinese authorities in accordance with the law on the implementation of the U.S. Navy surveillance, tracking and warning. The US warships on threats to China sovereignty and security interests, endanger the safety of personnel and facilities and harm regional peace and stability. China expresses strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to this.

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