Zoning Board hypocrisy

first_imgSARA FLOUNDERS To the Editor:The bigoted, offensive actions at the Bayonne Zoning Board Hearings should be denounced, not sugar coated as an issue of parking spaces. This hypocritically masks the real issue of anti-Muslim bigotry.There are 45 churches in Bayonne. None have parking spaces for all who attend Sunday services. There are over 100 restaurants in Bayonne and hundreds of other establishments. Most don’t have parking for everyone who comes in the door. This exposes the bias and the double standard.The conduct of the Zoning Board Chair Mark Urban was flagrantly one-sided in all 3 hearings. Although the hearing was public, held at a public school, and the Bill of Rights is still in force, at Urban’s directive, even small paper signs of support and welcome to the Islamic Center were confiscated from the audience.Mayor Jimmy Davis declared that he “is glad that religion and race did not appear to be part of the board’s decision.” Actions speak louder than empty hopes. Mayor Davis is responsible for appointing this unrepresentative, unelected Zoning Board. Change the Board! Let’s show solidarity with our Muslim sisters and brothers who are under attack.last_img

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