Li Xiuxia sincere service to fit into repeat visitors

a store any will encounter countless individual, how these fit into the shop back, this is almost any shop owners are thinking about the problem. So, how did Li Xiuxia do it? Let’s get to know each other. I am a laid-off workers, began to open in 2011 to do business, because there is not enough money to rent expensive house in the town center, I was in the vicinity of its own living area opened a more than and 20 square meter store.


store has just opened, and I had not imagined so optimistic, living always love to young people in the area of large shopping malls – the county issued a letter to buy daily necessities shopping mall, and some of the elderly has become another shop patrons, I shop business is very quiet, at the beginning of the two June, I shop to pay rent to the operating income. This put me anxious, but I was not willing to admit defeat, I secretly determined to enliven the business.

at that time coincides with the summer, I noticed, not far from the new road primary school and kindergarten, every day at noon there will be a lot of parents gathered at the gate waiting to pick up the child. In order not to let the child, parents often choose to go out early and wait for children. Summer noon, the sun’s poison, parents just under the scorching sun in the sun. Soon after, see this situation, I will take a big awning in his shop door, for parents of children who enjoy.

since there is a big arbor, my business was much better than before, parents in the shade but also to shop around, I ask what the price, buy a carton of cigarettes, some parents simply let their children after school came to my shop to find them, and then left to give the child to buy some drinks, mineral water, bread and other goods, the turnover of shops I suddenly improved a lot.

in order to gather popularity, retain these customers, the store also installed air conditioning, free supply, boiling water pump and. Because the shop is most tourists meet the child’s mother and a school teacher, I specialized teachers regularly held a special day, on Friday for other promotional activities, give preferential incentives to shoppers, the store also prepared to give children candy, the children won’t make any noise while eating sweets, scattered mothers attention.

gradually, these "fit" into my store’s back, even during the holidays, many parents will take their children to my shop to buy things. There is a northeastern accent sister character simple straightforward, every day to pick up the kids, and I have to talk a few words, she saw my shop also ran to the store to buy cigarettes, "yellow plum" cigarette often, every time to buy 35, a large truck with her, her husband perennial driving up the goods transport to run along the way, cannot do without refreshing smoking.

northeast sister said: "see you so and"

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