How to manage the off season Hotel

no matter what a business, in fact, there will be a short season of points, if you want to make a store to achieve sustained profitability goal, it can only do the off-season hot business, which naturally need to take certain business strategies. As the hotel tourism industry has the characteristics of the stage of development, so the first quarter of each year is the most difficult operation of the hotel industry, the industry’s worst off-season. At each hotel are difficult, some hotels even "a deserted house", operating conditions with budget flat is good, but do not say very business goals. So how can we do not light in the off-season, the hotel should be done in the following areas.

a, inject new ideas, new mechanisms. A hotel management quality, mainly to see the hotel have a good idea and good management mechanism, so the introduction of the hotel must be dedicated to the new idea, new mechanism, fundamentally change the way of working and thinking philosophy and corporate culture, and gradually formed a new culture and modern enterprise concept. The spirit of ownership and professionalism, rely on management model of their hard work and take the lead, inspire and motivate the staff dedication and.

focus on strengthening communication and narrowing the differences, on the basis of stability to exclude factors do not meet the concept of modern enterprises, establish a healthy atmosphere, remove the bad factors of interference, will reduce the negative influence to the minimum range of behavior. Through these work will make the management situation has been greatly improved, the spirit of the hotel up and down, a new look. As the saying goes, "Qi Qi, Taishan move", with a unified management concept and the new mechanism, the formation of a unified collaborative team, the hotel will therefore be full of vitality.

two, expand business ideas, open source market. Hotel management should pay attention to highlight the advantages of private enterprises to the market, strengthen risk awareness, management innovation, thinking innovation, the use of incentives to mobilize all aspects of positive factors. Management according to the characteristics of off-season sales, market segmentation, adjust the positioning, broaden the market, develop new customer base. To take advantage of effective off-season marketing, by reducing costs, improve housing rates, make up for the loss caused by the difference between the price, so as to effectively win the source, but also improve the off-season room revenue.

three, actively adapt to the market, adjust positioning, revenue generating profit. Hotel food and beverage department is an important part of the hotel revenue, but also to do an important part of the popularity of tourists to win, so the hotel in the off-season to adjust food and beverage products, prices, in order to improve market competitiveness. In the hotel off-season, the hotel leadership on the one hand to strengthen the training of the staff, on the other hand, the selection of outstanding staff arrangement in the catering department management positions, thus effectively catering to a new stage, which not only reduces the cost of manpower, and to mobilize the enthusiasm of the old staff.

focus on the use of new concepts in the face of the market, strengthen the importance of knowledge update >

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