Dry cleaning stores four common mistakes to avoid

open when the dry cleaners, many of my friends have to go with the crowd psychology, learn to think we do, is certainly not wrong, this is actually not very desirable. Xiaobian remind the majority of investors, joined the dry cleaners to avoid the following four common errors, so as to improve the success rate of shop.

A: quick success, blindly follow the trend of

1, tangled device prices. About the price of the equipment, you need to understand the material, equipment, equipment capacity, equipment used in the solvent, the economical efficiency of the equipment, many factors of life, don’t just listen to propaganda, go and see, if you examine a brand equipment what is not seen, it is not very do not worry. In addition, the service provided by the brand is also a very important factor.

2, open shop or open shop. This is not what we decide, nor is it your subjective will, it must be the market. A hotel is to earn a lot of money, but the investment is large, to the excellent psychological quality. Shop small investment, small boat U-turn, cost recovery is fast, but the lack of competitiveness, profit margins have not big wide.

3, how much money can be opened in the dry cleaners. Master the introduction of the door, make money by individuals. This is your personal self-confidence, they feel that they can not, then do not do. Cleaners is a low risk, high profit industry, but not overnight, but you need to do a real hard, huge wealth have traded for. Irresolute and hesitant character, missed a good market, good opportunity. A lot of people envy others to make money, want to do, but afraid of their own bad, lose money. So it has been waiting and watching a lot of shops, inspected a number of brands, and ultimately can not make up their minds. Finally have the confidence to do, and found that the district has been done, and then give up again. You know, success is reserved for those who dare to do, rather than those who want to do more and less people. The so-called riches and honour in the insurance, even people who are afraid to try not to become a major event.

Three: brand choice

now dry cleaning franchise brands so much, the choice of which brand is more appropriate?

the choice of brand is the most in line with the market and its investment orientation. Market demand, washing is of course to join the high-end washing brand more development prospects; but not recommended

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