Counterfeit bills plague Owego, police investigating

first_imgAuthorities believe the fake bills come from outside the village. 6:15 P.M. UPDATE: On Monday, Feb. 24, co-owner of The Wine Connection Rick Holbert got a phone call from his cashier, saying she had encountered fake $10 and $20 bills. (WBNG) — Authorities are investigating fake dollar bills circulating the village of Owego. Here are some of the key differences between the real money and fake copies: The police department says the fake money has the word “replica” on them and can be easily identified as counterfeit. VILLAGE OF OWEGO (WBNG) — Small business owners are speaking out as counterfeit dollar bills are making their way around the area. In a separate incident, the Delhi Police Department has told 12 News it has made an arrest into an investigation of fake $50 bills being distributed in the town on Feb. 24. John Hitchings from John’s Fine Foods believes the situation at his store happened over the weekend, and has posted a picture of the fake money for his employees to reference if they ever run into an issue. Delhi Police say 23-year-old Shakiea J. Goodwin of Brooklyn, N.Y. was charged with two counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument in the 1st degree. Other small shops like What’s In Store? and John’s Fine Foods also experienced run-ins with bogus bills. They say Goodwin is accused of passing the counterfeit money to pay a towing bill on a vehicle that was impounded by police a week earlier. The Owego Police Department has told 12 News that the incident in the town of Delhi is likely unrelated to the incident in the village of Owego. What’s In Store? owner Kathy Hankey told 12 News she was given a fake $20 bill by a customer, and after it was deemed counterfeit by the bank, she warned other small businesses in our area. Holbert noted that on the fake bill, there is a line saying “This note is not legal tender.”The Owego Police Department says the fake money has “replica” written on it.The bills will say “Sates” instead of “States”The phrase “This note is not legal. It is to be used in motion pictures” appears on the $20 bill. —– The Owego Police Department says it has identified three suspects responsible for distributing fake $10 and $20 bills. Police have made no arrests in the investigation. “It’s always frustrating, it’s costing people money, and what do you do?” Holbert said. “If you’re not aware that they’re going around, you never would’ve caught it.” 12 News has reached out to local business in the village of Owego that have been affected by the counterfeit bills.last_img

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