Literacy Week At The Convent High School

first_img Sharing is caring! A writer is somebody for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people. ~ Thomas Mann, Essays of Three Decades, 1947Photo credit: niagara.eduIn Celebration of literacy week Mrs. Sorhaindo head of the English department along with students from the Convent High School had a def poetry session.Def poetry is a form of spoken word or poetry without form. It is expressive of the individual’s rhythmic style. The best def poets personalize their pieces, interchanging their speech tones and delivery techniques. Therefore, it is not much the words they use but how it is said. In addition, def poetry is more hip pop centered, featuring celebrities in every section of the business; musicians, actors, comedians.Literacy week is important in every child’s school development and life. It promotes creativity in writing, nurturing the imagination of every child. There is no age barrier or limit in this aspect of their life. Overall, literacy week gives every child a chance to express their individuality and is held annually at the Convent High School.Here is one of the poems submitted for the CHS Literacy Week, “My Imagination” by Wynante R. Charles;Great doubt there isTo whether or not, an on or off switch is present.For in every waking hour,Every unconscious night,There seems to be a worldWhere the pain of the day,seems to fade away.My best friend,My worst enemy,Even the strangest of strangersThere is nothing I can hideFrom this all powerful force….The things I’m afraid to sayThe stuff I’m scared to doHe, She, It knows all, sees allI wonder if it wasSent directly from the Father above.For it is imagination that reassures love.Canst there be any faultAny error found in thee.Maybe. Maybe notIn truth, it’s not reality.It’s not the truthIgnorance is blissBut I prefer it than a poisonous kiss.The only one I really haveThe one who knows the other side of meIf they knew the desires that we hold,Jealousy, envy and vengeance they would attireBond by the strong bonds of twin wiresWords cannot express the solaceThat comes with the package.A bond that will last till the heavenly palace.I would cry for it.Because when the sun goes down.It’s still left around. Share Share Tweet By Dominica Vibes ColumnistJerlyn Williams EducationLocalNewsSecondary Literacy Week At The Convent High School by: – March 30, 2011 190 Views   one comment Sharelast_img

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