Join the selected Hetao Liquor Liquor

development of the liquor industry style, will have to see the liquor Hetao Liquor industry, want to know how this brand, see the following details.

12 10, "e loop" forever friends for activities held in Hetao Hetao Hetao Liquor Group, ten from around the country on behalf of users visit, arrived in the Hetao Liquor wine selection activities. On behalf of users visit live live via the mobile phone network, about 4000000 of users through the network broadcast "personal" enjoy the scenic national 4A level hetaoliquor style, visited the exhibition hall, the first North of the first pit pit, North Chinese million tons of original wine storage area, packaging workshop, the princess Quan, Inner Mongolia wine culture museum and other scenic spots. Netizens especially on more than 9000 models of brewing pits and mechanization, clean, Chinese first North cellar spectacular feel shocked.

after the end of the tour, in the Hetao Liquor Industry office building seven floor conference room held a "wine evaluation e loop", the final wine net sales of new products "hetaoliquor e loop" is determined by the selected users on behalf of this site, about 4000000 of users through the network broadcast live to witness the assessment.

Hetao Liquor Industry Group General Manager Zhang Weidong, chief engineer, chief financial officer Ren Guojun Wu Yongdong and other leaders went to the site to watch, Beijing gold chairman Luan Runfeng presided over the selected Network Inc and will.

The selected

meeting, Zhang Weidong first expressed heartfelt thanks to the identification of Hetao Liquor Tasting on behalf of users and about 4000000 users to watch live. He said that in the current liquor liquor enterprises under the new norm, not behind closed doors, must be open, take ideas, listen to opinions and suggestions of consumers, the Hetao Liquor Industry held "e loop" forever, for the activities of the Hetao Hetao drinking warm response from the majority of users, but also see the future liquor consumption is still very wide, need is our business to sink in the heart, put a low profile, to the customer is God’s purpose, think consumers are thinking, good service to every consumer, for consumers to produce excellent quality products, to adapt to the general public, to return the support of consumers.

will be selected, China liquor technology master, national wine judges, Hetao Liquor Industry Group Chief Engineer Ren Guojun from a professional point of view for the presence of staff explained the basic method, tasting liquor skills and personal experience.

the wine will be selected in more than twenty thousand users through online voting has identified a "e loop" name, packaging, selected by online voting to choose 10 from across the country on behalf of the users to Hetao Liquor Industry Group to make the final wine. The evaluation by the Hetao Liquor liquor body design center sommeliers who carefully chose 38 "e loop" three, and 52 of three different types of wine are tested. Net >

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