Husband and wife joint venture need to comply with these tips

people often say that even relatives do not venture together, because the interests of the problem easily lead to emotional breakdown, then the husband and wife joint venture? How can we avoid conflict? Do the following points can be.

for love of things, the entrepreneur is difficult to go to business, in this state of mind, want to get benefits, Halcrow coexistence is not easy.

Secret two:

sound financial consensus

Secret three: the cause of complementary learning

Secret four: innovative force sensitive

because of changes in consumer demand more and more big, the frequency has increased the probability of success, more and more low blindly follow. To create a successful career, the couple must have at least one person to be able to fully grasp the changes in the market, such as the ability to add a unique business strategy and innovative skills, career opportunities for success is relatively high.

Secret five: common values

whether daily life or business, the exchange of ideas and communication between husband and wife are necessary. If the couple communication channels are sluggish, lack of skills, the interference of life and career and the possibility of conflict will greatly increase. In this way, not only for the development of the cause of adverse, more likely to undermine the feelings of the couple. (Shi Jinren)

couple business model

1. bitter bitter type

this kind of wealth by husband and wife started business with a small capital growth and maturity, long period, is taking the industrious + business minded way + money. Is the earliest start of entrepreneurs, but the wealth ranking is ranked tenth couples of wealth.

2, the multiple expansion of cross operation

this kind of wealth of husband and wife in the division of labor is "male and female" version. In their "history", accurate judgment of the market and social resources are indispensable. The market mind is not to imitate, it is difficult to follow the trend of the first. Recommended

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