Best Fantasy Baseball Team Names 2019

first_imgDOMINATE YOUR DRAFT: Ultimate 2019 cheat sheetYou can go political (“Greene New Deal”) or entertainment-related (“Assistant to the Regional Haniger”); baseball-related (“Advanced Gleybermetrics”) or crude (“Dee’s Nuts!”); clever (“Only the Good DeJong”) or something that really makes a powerful social justice statement (“Can’t We All Just Get a Wong?”). Ultimately, the best team names are going to be references to inside jokes among your leaguemates or something so crude we can’t publish it here, so we’re offering mostly PG-rated puns off player names. You have your own pool of references from which to draw, so make it count. Winning the team name battle is arguably more important than winning the league, and unlike in drafts where only one team has a shot at Mike Trout, anyone can walk away from this round of battle knowing they’ve made the best choice.2019 Fantasy Baseball Rankings:Catcher | First | Second | Third | Short | Outfield | Starter | Reliever | Top 300Best Fantasy Baseball Team Names 2019Won’t You Be My Gleyber?It’s a Beautiful Day in the GleyberhoodWelcome to the GleyberhoodAdvanced GleybermetricsBlowup DahlsDahl or NothingDee’s Nuts! (or Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez Nuuuuuuuuts!)J.D.’s NutsStory-book EndingSyndergaardians of the GalaxySano Plows/Sano PatrolSano? More like Sa-yes!Cron Thugs-N-HarmonyWalker Buehler’s Day OffBuehler? Buehler? Anyone?SkyWalker/MoonWalkerSnell You LaterOnly the Good DeJongTop MLB ProspectsCatcher | First | Second | Third | Short | Outfield | Pitcher | Top 50Machado ManHere Come Da JudgeJudgement DayAt Whit’s EndStrawMerrifield’s ForeverMerrifield of DreamsArodys Less TraveledBaez BewareNew World OdorOdor EatersHumble BregmanSho Maeda MoneyCome Avisail AwayWil PowerOrphan BlackmonCan’t We All Just Get a Wong?In Da KluberHouse of SyndergaardsSons of the HarperFor Whom The Bellinger TollsHell’s BellingerFreddie’s RevengeLand of the Freeman2019 Fantasy Baseball Sleepers:Catcher | First | Second | Third | Short | Outfield | Starter | Each teamBryce is RightPrice is RightPraise the LourdesPraise JesusPraise GodleyAcuna MatataCruz ControlFull NelsonBunch of HicksKeep It RealmutoPlace Your BettsI Did It All For The MookieSeverino’d HeadsDirty Sanchez’sModern Familia/We are Familia/Familia Ties/Familia MattersModern Phamily/We are Phamily/Phamily Ties/Phamily MattersDo Not Pass MargotDo Not Pass GomesDon’t Be a HaderDon’t Hader The Player, Hader the GamePlayer Hader’s BallFantasy Baseball Rankings Tiers, Draft StrategiesCatcher | First | Second | Third | Short | Outfield | Starter | CloserH-to-the-RizzoRizzo-rectorsDJ Jazzy Jeffress and the Fresh Prince (Even though neither might be getting saves, it’s worth it to get both Jeremy Jeffress and Will Smith for this one)Steckenriders on the StormWacha Wacha WachaWacha Flocka FlameMasterBaders…More like LongBoriaAll-You-Can-Eat SalazarSoler PoweredCole PoweredGoldschmidt HappensOops! I Goldschmidt My Pants!Don’t Bogaerts That Joint!Rebel YelichOnward Christian SoldiersChristian MissionariesJerry Gergich’s Muncy Timeshare (Shout out “Parks N Rec”)TreaHive18 WheelerGrandal SlamCain is AbleRosario BeadsOn the ContrerasDeep Sea DeversPearly YatesPostYates2019 Fantasy Baseball Rankings:Catcher | First | Second | Third | Short | Outfield | Starter | Reliever | Top 300Whirling DarvishKnebel Prize WinnerBull DoziersI Would Walk 500 MilesTo the Max/Max PowerI Literally Can’t StevenThe Last Strasburg/Final StrasburgThere Goes Masahiro/Masahiro for a Day/Super MasahiroTarget Archery100-Voit BatteryAndujar SausageCorrean BBQLamb ChopsRhys’ PiecesKiermaier LemonsEggs OdorizziShot of JamesonEaton GoodHail to the VictorsOld Buddy, Old ChapmanHow Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Grichuk?I’d Like to Speak With Your HanigerAssistant to the Regional Haniger (Shout out “The Office”)DOMINATE YOUR DRAFT: Ultimate 2019 cheat sheetGallo’s HumorSharkArenadoJumping deGromDancing with the StarlingsYasieled With a KissThree A-PuigosBauer PlayCorbin in the WoodsSpringer Has SprungForget You and the Horse You RodonCarry on My Heyward SonsSafe and SeguraAll I Do is EdwinDead EndersHere’s My Number, Colome MaybeTrue BelieberBerrios BoysSmoak MonsterWhere There’s Smoak…Brains and BraunBouquet of FloresWilmer’s GlueCandelario Lit DinnerIt’s Not Easy Being GreeneGreene New DealHapp-y Go LuckyBoot Scooter BoogieElectric ScootersChoo-landerWhat’s in the Booooooox(berger)?Gettin’ Miggy With ItReversible Belts Let’s face it — you’re probably going to lose your fantasy league this year. Sure, you can have a thorough cheat sheet, pore over rankings and sleeper lists, do practice mock drafts, read endless auction tips/draft strategy advice, and even memorize all of our 50 top prospects, but one elbow tweak here or hamstring pull there and you’re donezo. You can only control so much. But one thing you can control — one thing you can dominate — is your fantasy baseball team name. You can have a good one, a funny one, a clever one — you can have one. And we’re here to help.And by “help”, of course, we mean give you a hundred-plus bad team names so you know what not to pick for yours. OK, maybe there are a few good ones below, but not all are winners. We know that. We’re just trying to get your creativity flowing so you can come up with something better. We believe in you. You can beat “Boot Scooter Boogie”. You might not be able to top “Here’s My Number, Colome Maybe” or “Cron Thugs-N-Harmony”, but you can definitely do better than “I Did It All for the Mookie”. (Note, not all are references to music from 20-plus years ago…just 90 percent.).  The Big Kang TheoryDeShields UpRoundhouse Kikuchilast_img

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