Autumn diet should pay attention to what details

throughout the year, the time is different, the climate is different, people’s diet also needs different. However, many people are always about having a little attention, resulting in the fill does not fill, when the reduction is not reduced. So, we only pay more attention to diet, is a healthy diet. So, autumn diet should pay attention to what details? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

avoid overeating

Chinese medicine believes that autumn is the transition period in two seasons, the temperature change from hot to cold, health should also be "Yang" to "yin". At this time people want to maintain a healthy diet should be taboo, Hu can not eat chaos drink.

people in the fall, due to the pleasant climate, rich food, often eat too much. Excessive intake of calories, will be converted into fat accumulation, make people fat. In the autumn diet, pay attention to the amount, not indulgence of appetite, eating and drinking.

avoid spicy cold food

autumn food should also eat less irritating strong, spicy, hot, such as pepper etc.. Also want to avoid all kinds of hot and humid gas savings, all with a pungent smell of food, have the function of distribution, so the promotion of spicy spicy food such as celery.

in addition, due to the fall of the weather from the heat to cool, the body in order to adapt to this change, physiological metabolism has changed. Pay special attention to diet, not to be too cold, so as not to cause stomach indigestion, the occurrence of various gastrointestinal disorders.

Avoid over the dry food

Chinese medicine believes that bitter taste of the product easy to damage the gas consumption. Autumn dryness in lung Jiao dirty, communicated with the dry autumn air, easily feel the autumn dryness of evil. Many chronic respiratory diseases often recur or become more severe in autumn. So, should avoid autumn diet regimen over the dry food, such as fried foods.

, Jichi greasy fried food

greasy fried food is not easy to digest, accumulate in the stomach, aggravating body stagnant heat, is not conducive to dryness, many chronic respiratory diseases often relapse or exacerbation in autumn, it is for this reason.

pay attention to the diet of some taboos, will eat delicious at the same time to eat healthy, a lot of people, although aware of the need to pay attention to taboos, but do not know what taboos need us to pay attention to. So, with a small series of these presentations, you will spend more on the autumn diet?

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