College students need to adhere to the plight of entrepreneurship

students enjoy preferential policies to increase all kinds of tax dividends for many personal entrepreneurial projects have tasted the sweetness of the majority of students who have heart, began to test the water business. In the promotion of assistance policy, start-up companies, so back to survive.

Held in Shanxi Province, the office of human resources and

the plight of the stick and stick to

Chai Yi entrepreneurial direction although different from Li Jiening, but their experience is very similar. Graduated from the Career Technical College, Yuncheng Yi Lin, because of love of farming, resolutely returned to the hard countryside, cattle breeding business started. In his opinion, college ought to engage in farming is not the eyes of others: "give up city life, every day and more than and 300 cows to be together, there are a lot of people do not understand. However, when enterprises gradually open the market, profitability, Jinnan cattle breeding is more and more important, I know I made a right choice."

now firewood good by villagers call as "cattle boss", the staff will be more entrepreneurial mentor as he". About the choice of college students, he thinks that he must have Aoyama "determination and perseverance, to accept all the changes so:" the difficulty than expected, only three minutes of passion is absolutely impossible to succeed, the key is to adhere to, persist, persist."

in innovation to seek a way out

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