nvest in a Yang Guofu Malatang how much money is needed

China catering industry always snacks is one of the feelings of people can not give up, what kind of snacks is the mass consumption, small series that first Malatang is. As the China Malatang industry leading brands – Yang Guofu. The establishment of the five unified standards. Uniform trademarks, uniform store design, unified operation and service standards, unified product quality and taste, unified advertising. The expansion of the national industry standard store in strict accordance with the mode of fast food, food science and innovation, perfect customer service service to let investors really worry free and open a business! As Yang Guofu Malatang to join the brand shop only need to invest several million yuan, is a good investment projects.

Yang Guofu Malatang how? Look at the small Yang Guofu Malatang money advantage analysis

meat collocation, nutrition and health: Yang Guofu spicy meat collocation, nutrition collocation: all kinds of vegetables, beans, mushrooms, seafood, instant noodles, everything; dinner reception, leisure can be. Eat a super value, and ages, customers save money, the profit doubled.

advantage: cooking, cooking ingredients and precise quantification, simple operation, without the chef training for Yang Guofu; Malatang without standard kitchen, cooking process transparent operation, larger business, increase profits, saving time, labor and money.

: Yang Guofu Malatang rich advantages of convenient manufacture, no smoke pollution, not disturbing, any place can shop; the store can be small or large, investment may be less than, business flow can be fixed, suitable for small business, get rich quick.

How to join

Yang Guofu Malatang

1, investment advisory: investors by telephone, fax, online message, such as the way to the headquarters of the professional investment advisory consulting related matters, access to relevant information.

2, investor field visits: investors to the headquarters of the project visits, visit stores, confirm the project, submit an application for

3, join qualification audit: headquarters for investors to review. Confirm the qualifications of investors.

4, the two sides signed a contract: the two sides confirmed the results of the investigation without controversy, formally signed a contract.

Yang Guofu Malatang joining fee

brand name: Yang Guofu Malatang joined

investment amount: 1~5 million

date of establishment: 2007-01-01

total number of stores: 100

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