Business can’t fool customers

different owners, there will be a different business philosophy, some shopkeepers dedicated to "cheat" as their business skills, such a business can be long? In the retail business, we will encounter all kinds of customers, what kind of customers, we have to face. As the owner, we must be realistic, the customer is the most taboo for the deception, if once cheated, then the customer will remember for a lifetime, a lifetime not into his shop. As a result of the loss of one or even a group of customers, it is not desirable. This approach is very stupid, is a short-lived business, is not a permanent solution.

once I travel service, in the street, I saw a small vendors selling mangoes, he kept crying out, it looks so fresh mango. So I went to buy, I picked a few, the initiative began to stall him for me to choose, I picked some, after I paid the money left. But, wait for after I go home, but found that mango selected him to give me a scar, which made me very angry, I trust him, let him give me pick, but never thought he could do so, really makes me angry.

I thought I wouldn’t let them pick it up next time. I also swear, never in the stalls to buy the goods. Fortunately, he is just a small, if a store, so I think I will not go to the second. The stall clear embodiment is irresponsible, it is ridiculous that only the immediate interests of the customer in the practice, after knowing his affirmation of this trick, who can’t go to buy.

as a retail owner, we have to be realistic when dealing with our customers. We must not deceive customers, the result of cheating customers is to lose their own. On one occasion, a friend of my retail store owner was a fraud. His specific approach is to sell vegetables, vegetables will be bad in the middle of the clip, the outside is a good layer, customers see only outside. But after returning home, but found that there is no food, so that customers are very angry, some customers come to the door, and some did not come to the door.

friends also thought he was very strong, will be damaged vegetables sold out, but in fact, he saw only a superficial phenomenon. The customer is not to come, but have never come to absolute, this loss is not greater. Later, a friend’s shop into trouble, customers increasingly scarce. Later he learned that it is caused by cheating themselves, because they have no credibility, the customer does not trust you, then there is no way, he had to change.

there are many examples of this, the customer is God, in the face of God, we have to seek truth from facts, absolutely can not be false, a lot of times, >

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