Changchun’s electricity supplier of agricultural products business incubators into female entreprene

many Internet entrepreneurs have said that the arrival of the era of the Internet to give women more entrepreneurial opportunities. Indeed, women are better at using the electricity supplier business development.

for better promotion of products, a large set of special purchases for the Spring Festival site, first settled enterprises have launched the scene processing, such as free tasting experience activities under the line, there are a lot of people responsible for the busy issuing business name card.

Dongying and fan, Li Mingyue home business students from Qijia town Shuangyang District Village Guo Yun Feng of cooperatives, but also full of hope for the future. She told reporters that this year, in addition to increase the publicity of the shop, she also plans a new project – the development of leisure agriculture.

"base also marks the start, engaged in agricultural entrepreneurship in our city groups of women, has added a new stage a Baotuan support, Baotuan breaking the bottleneck, pushing into the market, pushing and development." Municipal Women’s Federation responsible person, at present, the base has attracted 63 enterprises settled, recommended (team)

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