How to do business in the shop to keep back

It is a skill to do business

, different people use different techniques to do business, there will be different results for each shop who would like to have their own shop back, but how to keep coming back? Let’s take a look at it.

say the first sentence, attract attention, arouse interest.

15 seconds

that 15 seconds to allow customers to observe their own products in the store, the shopping guide to talk with customers to maintain a certain distance and be in the right range (not in the customer or not see behind the place, for the customer) is not to give customers a sense of tension, not to scare customers. And to take advantage of these 15 seconds to observe and analyze the customer, and found her first look at the product or pay attention to what is the longest product, prepare for further sales.

to choose the right time close to the customer.

is the shop to do business investors, mastered the three techniques above can easily shop management, simple sales more than three money, you can be assured to get rich, wealth Unlimited Business Opportunities broad, make money fast.

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