Entrepreneurial female shepherd drives the village to get rich cheated again

The way

‘s career is full of hardships, for conscientious entrepreneurs, the most angry is that in the course of business to be deceived. Being abducted and planting watermelon capital, Baimiao village Wencheng town villagers He Junhua in Langzhong city on the road of entrepreneurship has repeatedly frustrated. In 2011, she again does not concede the home business, founded Junhua livestock farms, aquaculture on Small Tail Han sheep, go on the road to prosperity. She also accidentally harvested love.

Sichuan as the first successful breeding of small tail sheep farmers, her farm after 5 years of construction, has established a set of sheep breeding, sheep farming, mutton soup pot, the annual output value of nearly 10 million yuan comprehensive farming cooperatives. The radiation surrounding 10 counties, 110 townships, thousands of farmers common sheep wealth.

2 19, small tail Han sheep farm Huaxi City Reader reporter walked into He Junhua’s visit, the story behind her wealth. Sheep for the first time: because of being lured contact with sheep

"the mountain does not turn the water in turn, do not turn the water cloud in turn……" At noon on February 19th, in He Junhua ‘s farm, there was a beautiful music on the radio. Covers an area of more than 1 thousand square meters of Junhua farms, small tail Han sheep in accordance with the size of captive in different pens, one of the largest close to a cow, smaller than the local goat.

why want to play music for the sheep? "Fresh milk every lamb, because want to suck, it is called a non-stop, called a lamb, sheep will follow the call." He Junhua said that playing music can reduce the agitation of Small Tail Han sheep, increase their intake.

"this is also a chance." He Junhua said that she once in check when the lamb growth pens, suddenly to a telephone, when the telephone ring rang, originally the restless lamb, suddenly quiet. From then on, the farm began to play music. "Mainly is some light music, can put some passionate, will cause the herd restlessness." At the same time, sheep farms will be afraid of the dark, night driving lights.

to Baoding, the villagers did not take He Junhua to work. A fellow at the He Junhua and was forced to act tough and talk soft, the local villagers to get married. Due to her husband’s home culture there are many varieties of sheep, He Junhua began sheep life, and here, her first exposure to Small Tail Han sheep.

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