Baoji to create a high standard of innovation and entrepreneurship fertile soil

is now an innovative society, at the same time, a large number of entrepreneurs also emerge, provide a good business environment for entrepreneurs, local governments are to build a business platform, to provide business space for entrepreneurs.

8 5, the world’s first nuclear power plant modular high temperature gas borne by Baoji Taihua magnetic Mechatronic Technology Research Institute Limited cooled reactor demonstration project fuel handling and storage system conveying equipment transformation project formally put into production in the Baoji high tech Zone, science and technology innovation achievements re breakthroughs in this area.

"with a creative mind and entrepreneurial passion, you can achieve the dream of innovation and entrepreneurship in Baoji high tech Zone!" the director of Baoji high tech Industry Development Zone Bi Xintang told Technology Daily reporter says.

as the city’s scientific and technological innovation, transformation and upgrading of the vanguard leader’s mission,   Baoji high tech Zone to seize new opportunities to implement public entrepreneurship, innovation of the national strategy, continue to nurture policy rules, innovation and entrepreneurship to create a good environment.

data show that in 2014 new registered SME more than 1 thousand and 200, and this year the figure is expected to more than 1500 households.

heavy service: provide support

for enterprise innovation

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