Dezhou to create an open innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem

technology venture is the current Dezhou focus on promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, the city through the introduction of continuous innovation of science and technology resources, to create a new open innovation ecosystem, to create a good business environment for entrepreneurs, promote economic development better.

promote it is thanks to Dezhou city to hold the docking Beijing and Tianjin large compound activities become attached to Professor and enterprise. At the docking meeting, 225 Dezhou enterprises and 116 research institutes to achieve the results of the docking of the 573. Docking activities like this, in 2015 the city has held more than and 20 sessions, docking 438 academicians and experts, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities to participate in 219, 664 enterprises, 671 enterprises demand analysis technology, promote scientific and technological achievements transformation 1377, 266.

2016 years, the city seize the opportunity for collaborative development, so that more and more high-end technology resources to gather in Dezhou. This "government work report" put forward to grasp the key elements of talent, talent policy fully implement the "golden 30" to attract all kinds of scientific research personnel, professional and technical personnel, college graduates, students and foreign experts gathered in Dezhou to build a northern talent reform experimentation area. All the awesome policy will effectively solve the local innovation resources, innovation power shortage.

in the economic and Technological Development Zone, by the Dezhou municipal government and the Zhongguancun Angel Street congregation raised platform cooperation in the construction of "a dream space" has been landing operation. Here, the creation of passengers gathered, "brain hole wide open".

in a dream space, a business registration table can be set, guests only need to pay 80 yuan rent. Wei Zilong and a group of small partners with 90 after the establishment of a Internet Co, the real start of a hundred dollars start.

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