Home stores opened in these places is very suitable

we know that the supermarket is the crowd gathered at the entrance of the supermarket to open a home store is also very good. In addition, home stores can also be opened in the mall, no matter where the shop, the site is the need for attention. Today for you to look at how to open the supermarket and shopping malls in the home stores what pros and cons!

supermarket leased area

to supermarket customers generally do not want to buy high commodity prices, so in this position is to operate the price is easy for everyone to accept the goods, to the pursuit of every opening frequency. A good salesman is a very important thing here. If the salesman performance will do things carelessly, every day a lot worse, losing money is can hardly be avoided.

large shopping malls

if the downtown headquarters with the business is very good, the price of the public, sales can be very flexible. There is no basic ad for this area in addition to the new shopping mall, so often to the mall management department and ask whether the appropriate location. Once you get the position, you should pay attention to the goods on the other hand, in order to prevent complaints, the market for your attention and limit your variety. After the test can slowly increase the variety, and properly handle the relations and management; however, if it is a newly opened shopping mall, generally have a consumer cultivation period, if the market does not have a clear and effective training support policy, do not consider entering, to avoid becoming a victim of the test.

Near the

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