Kunming network about car platform to raise access threshold

Kunming network about the car platform to raise the access threshold, a time has become a hot topic, causing the driver, platform companies and passengers attention and comments. Drivers believe that this Ordinance is not scientific, too many restrictions, and users are very good policy. Although there are comments that Kunming net about car deal draft "open is not exclusive, limited grade not Diaojia", but many netizens think: "Kunming network about the new car if this execution, it is comparable to the harsh first-tier cities." Network about car platform, said the network about the car fare may be raised to two times more than the local taxi prices.


Beijing: fuel car 2.7 meters; new energy vehicles 2.65 meters

Shanghai: fuel car 2.7 meters; new energy vehicles 2.65 meters

Guiyang: no requirements

Kunming: fuel car 2.7 meters; new energy vehicles 2.65 meters

Dali: new energy vehicles 2.65 meters


Beijing: 2.0L or 1.8T

comply with Beijing emission standards

Shanghai: compliance with Shanghai emission standards

Guiyang: no requirements

Kunming: no requirements


1.6L or 1.4T


The price of

Beijing: no requirements

Shanghai: no requirements

Guiyang: no less than the central city parade taxi

Kunming: more than 120 thousand yuan

Dali: no requirements

additional requirements

Beijing: posted about

special logo car

Shanghai: railway station, airport departure order is not allowed

Guiyang: no requirements

Kunming: posted or spray net about car special logo

Dali: only access to a network about car platform

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