The five big profit industry is really awesome

2011 is an awesome, awesome in this era of entrepreneurship is no exception, look at what the industry’s most awesome.

high drug prices, the pharmaceutical enterprises is false, most of the profits into account no post production enterprises. Drugs from the factory to the end to the hands of consumers, the company is currently only about 15% of the profits, the rest is in circulation, most of which fell to the hospital. This phenomenon, known as high prices. High prices to what extent? We look at the "sale of cheap drugs" will know. Hefei people edge big pharmacy, the average price of 45% drugs, pharmacies still profitable. A few years ago when the local government determined to give up for most of small and narrow part of the hospital financial support, the so-called "profiteering" has been in the industry with the right and proper.

in Chinese, children are always good to earn money. Primary and secondary school education is the last thing we want to see. Primary and secondary education should belong to public welfare undertakings. In our country, the school is the financial full funding institutions. Since it is a public welfare organization, it should not be for the purpose of profit. However, the primary and secondary education is not only profitable, but also become profiteering industry. Some people think that education has become a huge industry is a national humiliation. Profiteering on the industry, from the arbitrary charges. In essence, education fees in the final analysis is the use of public power for personal gain". In addition to primary and secondary schools, even kindergartens profit is extremely high. Some parents complain that students more expensive than college students.

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