Qinhuangdao Lulong strengthen entrepreneurship support to stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm

entrepreneurial era has come, the current China’s entrepreneurial environment from top to bottom of the continuous optimization and upgrading, to the majority of entrepreneurs, especially small and medium enterprises to bring convenience, reducing the threshold. Public entrepreneurship becomes a trend.

2015, Lulong County, the new provincial SME 44, has a total SME 83, Kangzibaide was identified as the provincial high-tech enterprises in 2015, Zhen Bo Sheng in the National SME share transfer system (the new board) successfully listed, won the provincial, municipal government fund 2 million 500 thousand yuan reward Lulong County listed enterprises breakthrough. Meanwhile, Lulong actively planning the establishment of a financing Guarantee Corporation, in order to meet the conditions of small and micro enterprises to provide financing credit guarantee and related services.

for innovative services, improve entrepreneurial speed, Lulong county government power list, a list of responsibilities, supervision of the list and the negative list of four list system of county administrative approval to conduct a comprehensive clean-up, cancel 54 administrative examination and approval; the establishment of administrative examination and approval in the supermarket, continue to strengthen the approval process reengineering application diagram, Internet plus the mode of service, realize the whole process of managing agency online real-time recording, online information feedback and leading online instructions, to reduce the financial costs and time costs for entrepreneurs.

2015, a total of 8 college graduates one-time start-up subsidies totaling 40 thousand yuan, raising venture loan guarantee fund 446 recommended for people with employment difficulties

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