How much venture capital do you have Hit the score

Language Guide: with the increasing number of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship competition seems to become increasingly fierce, entrepreneurs want to stand in the competition and have accumulated some capital, want to know what you have to venture capital? By the following content to give yourself scoring.

A, their knowledge of the circle (20 points, in the circle of expert level where the standard 100



some university professors, training teachers, journalists, actors, writers, most of them are from their own knowledge to the circle of success, Jackie Chan, Stephen Chow and others are successful from their life career into the director’s entrepreneurial road; some university professors, teachers training based on their professional knowledge in the in the industry’s position and influence successfully to the occupation training industry career path; Chen Anzhi is a good example; there are still many similar entrepreneurial success stories, there are many people start to fail in the entertainment circle, many people rely on their own funds created a catering company, although in largely fame to attract customers, but because of their own knowledge and circle across the effective management are too large to be caused to lose everything There are plenty of people who。

two, its own technology circle (30 points, in the circle of expert level where the standard 100



China in early 90s, the government began to encourage personal business has just started, a large number of professional and technical personnel to the road of entrepreneurship from technical positions stable, especially in the coastal area of this example is too numerous to mention. For a time, a lot of construction personnel founded the decoration company architectural design company founded the law firm lawyers;; financial people founded financial firms; clothing division opened a clothing store; the police started off the private detective agency; the cook opened restaurants; even some workers laid-off babysitting time long to experience simply open a domestic company, etc.. This example is more, which is the foundation of the circle of entrepreneurship, the general new technical personnel entrepreneurial success rate is relatively high, the technology is the development of the popularity of the lower the success rate of entrepreneurship.

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