Henan audit report out of 7 billion 100 million bond funds idle dry cargo

we all know that in this era of rapid economic development, the money can do a lot of things, such as entrepreneurship or engage in research and development and so on the money, the money in this society is almost omnipotent. Is the so-called: "money is not necessarily what you can, but no money is totally unacceptable" yesterday, the audit department director Liu Quan in the twelve session of the twenty-fourth meeting of the Standing Committee, as the "audit work report on the 2015 annual provincial budget implementation and other financial revenues.". The "audit report" thrown out of the many "dry cargo", a group of data to tell you that we know the specific.

government bonds 7 billion 186 million bond funds idle

audit department found that 78 cities and counties to replace the bond funds idle $7 billion 186 million, resulting in the financial burden of double funding costs, pay more than 98 million 630 thousand yuan. Individual cities and counties government bond funds using non-compliance 1 billion 542 million yuan. In addition, there are 18 cities and counties to arrange the use of new bond funds of $1 billion 226 million, according to the provisions of the Standing Committee of the people’s Congress at the same level.

32 million 830 thousand Sheqi funds public money is illegal access to

"some departments subordinate units to individual employees to set up the" shell "enterprise subsidy project funds." Liu Quan said, 5 provincial departments are not strict, 26 obviously do not meet the reporting conditions of the enterprise, the financial capital of 20 million 516 thousand yuan subsidy. There are 33 companies resort to deceit, illegal access to 32 million 830 thousand yuan of financial funds.

tax 241 million yuan enterprise tax levy is not

Liu Quan said the audit found 11 provincial cities, 3 provinces and municipalities directly under the jurisdiction of the county (city) Local Taxation Bureau did not levy taxes and fees of 3314 enterprises, 241 million yuan. The audit also found that the director of a local tax on suspicion of accepting bribes, less tax 23 million 710 thousand yuan, the relevant personnel prosecutors have been arrested according to law."

Department of 201 provincial officials suspected of illegal business

through 19 provincial departments and subordinate units audit found that a small number of units are not strictly implement the provisions of the spirit of the central eight. 1 departments and 6 units of the budget, the transfer of funds for food and drink and other expenses of $two to pay for the hospitality of the 6 million 242 thousand. 2 departments and the first tier 6 budget units illegal payment of subsidies, such as the target assessment award 4 million 438 thousand and 200 yuan. 3 units of public funds to buy the two levels of gift certificates, shopping cards, native products, such as $467 thousand and 500. In addition, there are 201 provincial officials suspected of illegal business enterprises.

affordable housing 42492 sets of vacant over a year

audit found that 30 counties recommended

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