2015 second Zhuhai college students entrepreneurship contest held successfully

China has always attached importance to college students entrepreneurship, the establishment of a number of special funding platform, and organized the relevant business competition, and actively guide college students to achieve entrepreneurial team and enterprise docking. Zhuhai college students entrepreneurship competition ended, many college students entrepreneurial team to compete to show the young generation of entrepreneurs.

business areas become diversified

"second team and they created the project than the first was more mature, covering electronics, tourism, design, media, education, art and other types of projects. With the advent of the era of the public, the entrepreneurial field of college students in Zhuhai has become diversified, entrepreneurial team has become more innovative and pragmatic." As the enterprise judges HUAFA company responsible person commented interfax.

"good times" we met in the venture, this is the final scene judges and contestants took the floor put up a sentence. Organizers invited Maemi Eno angel fund, Shenzhen innovation Valley and other well-known venture capital institutions investors and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Internet technology and other industry experts poly Feng served as the final judge, at the same time, the site also has composed of 10 well-known enterprises in Zhuhai on behalf of the business review group, to ensure that the assessment

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