What equipment do you need to open a fried chicken

likes to eat fried chicken a lot of friends, fried chicken agent market is also very hot, attracting the attention of entrepreneurs. You may also want to ask, what kind of equipment to open fried chicken shop equipment shop is to be ready before the shop, the choice of equipment must be careful, so you will be more successful shop.

blast furnaceFryer

curing machine

pickling machine for pickled meat, is essential for a device. There are mechanical version, computer version, computer vacuum version, which can achieve the effect of pickling, but also have different capacity to choose from. The use of the curing machine can greatly reduce the time of curing, better control of the curing time, make the pickled food taste better uniform, taste better.

coated powder

breaded Taiwan for Western fast food, fried chicken burger agent, such as the use of the marinated food breaded and fried.

thermal insulation cabinet

display showcase, suitable for placing the fried chicken, the highest temperature up to 75 DEG C (according to the World Health Organization, the food must be kept at 63 DEG C, can prevent the growth of bacteria). The heat preservation cabinet allows you to cook good food before the rush hour.

center island

center of the island is generally placed at the top of display cabinet insulation, beverage machine, coke machine, similar to McDonald’s, KFC, the center of the island can according to the requirements of order.

boiling water reactor

boiling water.

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