What are the factors that affect the store business

since it is a shop selling goods, then the number of product sales, naturally linked directly to the performance of the store. Basically, for all businesses, all operations are around the "sales" two words, glasses shop is no exception, sales ability, can directly affect a shop of vital importance.

for this reason, each of the glasses shop are doing everything possible to seek a breakthrough in the sales capacity, but unfortunately, many people try to do everything possible, sales ability is still not significantly improved, which is why? What factors affect the sales of optical shops.

first, the mentality of

why in the same lot or in the same city, some glasses shop business is good, and some glasses shop business is poor, in the final analysis is the difference of mentality. Not to say that some glasses shop do not want to do his business, but they don’t have to spend too much time or has entered into other industries, dispersed energy, glasses shop is also less, the decline of business nature is a normal thing. Not only that, the boss’s mentality is also affecting the store staff, affecting the entire store business atmosphere.

two, cognitive

a person in charge of the glasses shop glasses business understanding and understanding, as well as the perception of the market and sales are correct, these are directly affecting the final sales of optical shops. Have a slogan called "thinking of how far you can go far, many glasses shop although too small for many small scale, but also wuzangjuquan.

don’t think business philosophy is big business, has nothing to do with the small shop, if a store is holding earn money, who believe it will do it well. The lack of business philosophy, the glasses shop there is no pursuit and direction of development, there is no pursuit of the glasses shop, business and how to do well? Business philosophy, for the glasses shop, is a constant pursuit of keep the spirit of philosophy, and the theory is not too profound to be understood.

three, boss

glasses industry has many typical cases like this, the boss do glasses, the store development speed and enhance the influence of rapidly, when the store develops to a certain scale, the boss began to shift the focus, in other industries, less attention to the glasses store, the store development speed to decline. It can be said that a good business, an optical shop worth mentioning, the quality of its operation, and the boss’s personal ability and business ideas, as well as the degree of seriousness, there are more than 90% of the association.

four, system

sales is a set of systems, not only reflected in the clerk’s ability to level, you can say eye

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