n May 30th the first group purchase website and supplier conference and conference registration in

08 years in November, the United States is now the first Groupon buy site. With a clear profit model, rapid expansion of the region and strong financial support, Groupon has achieved profitability. After 2010, the domestic China also has emerged a number of Groupon model group, F website, the U.S. group, handle, full is the representative.

how to solve the current domestic development mode of the dragons and fishes jumbled together group purchase group purchase site in the future? How can we better? Whether it can replace the Taobao model and rewrite the new e-commerce pattern? These are very concerned about our problems. Therefore, group purchase house (tuanp.com), 1288 (1288.me), West network group purchase group net (gxtuan.com), group net (wituan.com) four websites jointly launched the first group purchase website and supplier conference and new network conference, aimed at providing a let many domestic grassroots group buys a website to communicate and learn from each other the platform, and the General Assembly introduced commodity suppliers to participate, discuss how to cooperate with suppliers of goods group purchase website depth, so as to solve some group purchase station market operation ability is not strong and no product can group to help the development of a helping hand menace from the rear, group purchase station.


conference held the same day will also set up a "group purchase station alliance", after the establishment of the alliance will be responsible for the annual meeting will be held on, will also be dedicated to each member station to provide marketing, supply of goods, technology support and enhance the flow of more comprehensive services, strive for better development of common


conference theme: buy change e-commerce pattern

general purpose: let the grassroots alliance, resource sharing, and promote the rapid development of the whole group buying business, to add a beautiful luster to the Chinese economy.

conference content:

1 buy site alliance, business resources open sharing plan.

2 group purchase website and supplier sign commodity purchase agreement

3 buy site to establish a joint sales platform to help businesses expand the market

4 buy site integrity Convention

assembly influence:

1 group purchase website and become the supplier once a year procurement conference, and the new network to the general assembly.

2 constraint specification buy site operating standards

3 survival of the fittest buy website platform

4 is expected to buy the site with the group’s cooperation with the buyer is expected to exceed the amount of cooperation involving tens of millions of

assembly meaning:

to participate in the Webmaster: Groupon mode buy site to enter the threshold is relatively low, where most of the site itself is not strong. How to find high-quality business resources, how to attract long-term users, how to continue to develop in the future? How to avoid this industry like blogs, videos >

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