August domain name dynamics 10 Com domain name to create 5 million 200 thousand transaction value

It is reported that in August September 2nd,

news, the overseas market successfully sold a number of domain names, sorting out the overseas trading platform on the 10 more expensive.COM domain name, domain name trading a total of nearly 820 thousand, about 5 million 200 thousand yuan, then simply understand these 10 domain names are



figure: August Top ranking

August, favorites domain price of $165000 to the first among the list, ranking second is the signature creative domain name, domain name trading at $150000, ranking third is trading at $105999 (the short domain name domain name may this month to confirm the transaction platform, ranked fourth) is the three letter domain name, deal with 95000 dollars. Fifth adult domain name, $80000 for sale.

The boss of in domain name list sixth to $58000, "I" creative domain list seventh, the most noteworthy is that domain name to $50000 transaction list eighth, and at the end of August, the domain name enabled pocket launched against the network platform, is the Ninth World Tennis domain name, tenth is domain name.

on the whole August overseas trade field market optimistic, three on the 100 thousand mile beauty transaction case, with.COM as the domain name domain name domain name, type letters, words, phrases and creative domain names, the phonetic domain in August to become a bright spot on the field of overseas.

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