How do use Baidu to get traffic

everyone to do a new site, began to flow, the first thought is to promote. So many people want to go to Baidu post bar, Baidu know hair connection. It was really easy to get some IP, but the question is, do you often send your site connection, easy to be Baidu K to Post Bar, for example, your hair more, Baidu will think you hair is the connection of advertising, will give you a shield. I think a lot of friends have encountered such a problem.

Baidu do not let the advertising connection is normal ah. Because of what people in the site on your connection address ah. To send should also send someone’s address ah. So we should send the address of Baidu, so he is not afraid of our K station, shielding our domain name.

so we have the idea, if you like this domain name, hair more easily blocked. That’s how we send, go directly to Baidu search this domain name. After the search page address is Wd= your domain name, so that the hair will be issued after the connection with Baidu, so Baidu will not K you.

this method is also useful for Baidu included our new sites have a certain role. If there are a lot of people in our web site to search for keywords, Baidu will pay attention to.

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