Baidu fired Baidu promotion father of Wang Zhan but fire may be due to the promotion

former vice president of Baidu, the father of Baidu promotion, Baidu’s first product manager Wang Zhan

Sina Technology Li  


recently described as Wei Zexi due to external domestic trouble and foreign invasion, the event continues fermentation, About Baidu promotion claims can be heard without end. The inside is quietly dismissed Wang Zhan, vice president, the latter is a participant in the promotion of Baidu and the founder of the most important, and even can be called the father of Baidu promotion".

will be two events together, because Zexi Wei believes that Baidu vice president Wang Zhan fired event. But this is difficult to stop, a Wei Zexi incident broke out from there to, less than a week, so a short period of time to make a decision to dismiss the vice president, illogical; two is expelled from the reason was stated the "illegal occupation morals, damages the interests of the company, which usually appears in commercial bribery case.

previously, in August 2014, Wang Zhan, a direct subordinate, general manager of the game division, on the grounds of illegal occupation ethics, damage to the interests of the company was dismissed and transferred to judicial organs of the.

insiders told Sina Baidu science and technology: This notice is only delivered to the director level, if not media exposure, ordinary employees are not even known. But in Baidu, "Wang Zhan to go" hearsay is not a day for two days, especially after several restructuring, the edge is very obvious, but the specific planted in what place, it is hard to say."

but from Wang Zhan in Baidu’s occupation trajectory, it is not difficult to find some clues.

Xing, Baidu promotion

Wang Zhan joined Baidu in July 2000, and participated in the establishment of a Baidu promotion fee model, witnessed the promotion of Baidu first day a piece of money to the last team completed the "phoenix nest system" (the search popularizes professional edition) of the whole process, in the Baidu internal "first product manager" and "Baidu promotion known as" the father of.

2000, worked in a computer magazine to interview Wang Zhan home business Robin Li, which tells the story of the commercial dream to the young alumni surging, and presented a written chapter notes "Silicon Valley business at the end of the interview".

Wang Zhan later in the interview recalls: "the so-called Great minds think alike. looked after me home, I feel very encouraged, some of the things mentioned inside is very exciting, I also very much agree with Robin views, these companies for cognition and analysis, admire him very much. Plus I am netbug, on the initiation of the idea of joining Baidu, and here I am."

Wang Zhan joined Baidu, led the first thing, is one of the most important thing is to promote the establishment of Baidu. In 2001, Baidu decided to change the charging mode, starting from the portal site for charge fees for technical services, become more oriented enterprise charges, so the introduction of Baidu promotion: "let them through search engines, to promote their products and.

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