3 digital Rising domain name 275849 964 cn have changed hands

renamed China (eName.cn) April 21st hearing, it is reported that the day before the pack 11 3 letter domain name investor Zou Yangbing, and recently acquired 3 digital 275.cn. The domain name @ friends @ Kiemi Hiroshi said the number of 849.cn, 964.cn has also sold hands, the value of 3 digital.CN domain name soared straight.

diagram: Whois information

3 digital domain 275.cn is homophonic net, safety net, love wife, love net, the network chess group. Love, safety, chess, dance, games, video and other fields can be applied. Through the eName query domain information, domain name 275.cn was registered in December 2004, has been transferred to the name of Yang Bing zou. The domain name 849.cn, 964.cn are equipped with the number 9, very suitable to build wine platform, and the registration of the domain name is two in 2004.

now, the digital domain name easy to remember, the market continues to heat up. Earlier this month, the 3 digital domain name 106.com to 660 thousand yuan trading back; the middle of this month, 3 digital domain 104.cn five digit meter easy to master, friends breath acquisition of multiple ABB, AAB 3.Cn, 733.cn, digital domain 533.cn 655.cn and so on; in late, digital domain 464.cn/041.cn have changed hands, "miss you" homophonic name 461.cn low-key easy to master.

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