Tongzhou Beijing thousands of Community Shop real name registration

in July 1st, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce formally implemented the "Interim Measures for the management of online commodity trading and related services", and the real name system of the shop was officially launched. Yesterday, the Tongzhou branch of the industrial and commercial administration under the jurisdiction of the eight network to complete the real name of the 945 shop certification, marking the opening of the Tongzhou real estate online shop into the era.

entered the "street group purchase" in eight through the web page, click any forum posts, posting pictures below "certified businesses" 4 red font is particularly eye-catching, this shows that the people have been through eight network real name authentication, if the consumer disputes, record information to find the business government supervision department through the eight network.

It is understood that after eight

, through the network authentication business, its business name, business name, address, telephone and mobile phone, QQ number and identity card numbers are on the website for the record. Eight net official Fu Changbao said that the focus of exchange for non-profit items, we left a window, users can through the network in the eight convenience market plate issued goods exchange information, "it is not authenticated users".

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