Fly coupons online O2O mall shocked users raised their hands

Internet plus with the arrival of the era of Internet products and services change rapidly, the user demand for the rapid growth of online shopping. From online to offline the overall quality of service, the user to pursue higher. Fly on the net, the new large life service class O2O mall, to provide you with a hand to make money, shopping experience fun.


flight ticket network ( is from Shenzhen city of Qianhai golden key Holding Group Co., the company’s O2O brand mall, the main issue and deal for businesses and users to provide information services, users through simple tasks, whenever and wherever possible interesting publishing businesses, the cumulative reward of free exchange of all kinds of businesses discount.


flight ticket network is a free service platform

fly ticket network is a set of businesses and users of the O2O platform, fly ticket network positioning itself: to be a convenient way to use user access and preferential free; become an effective platform for business information publishing, exhibition and promotion activities; become a bridge increase business and user stickiness; and various preferential mode superposition, so that consumers further gains are in the market for partners. In the early stages of development, the network will take root in Shenzhen, Foshan and other core cities, and then to the first tier cities and major provincial capital cities, until the expansion of the country.

login to register the flight ticket network, you can enjoy the following free services:

1 online activity information query and access;

2 preferential merchants, commodity information query;

3 online task acquisition and reward;

4 preferred place of consumption navigation;

5 view consumer experience evaluation and sharing interaction.

flight ticket network is an innovative interactive platform

flight coupon network covers the needs of daily life services, providing a variety of simple and interesting tasks. You can get a discount by doing the task, but also can be used with any other preferential discount. In terms of security, no payment information is required.

cooperative business value-added services, businesses can share all of the company’s key resources, including all of the company’s customer resources, including the cable net, including the golden key group of customer resources. Get involved in all kinds of organized flying ticket network quality activities, attract the line under the old and new user experience together.

flight ticket network is an interesting task platform

flight ticket network offers thousands of simple and interesting tasks, allowing you to make money while entertaining. Task types include games, questionnaires, registration, downloads, as long as you spend 35 minutes to complete a task. To complete the task, earn points, exchange of goods vouchers.

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