Shanghai webmaster Sixth Party gathering financing experience of the owners

Following the success of

fifth "you are not alone in the battle of the formation of" talk about the Internet business team, in November 17th sixth we will explore a series of topics: soldier assault – small website how to break the funding dilemma.

venture capital, angel, we are hanging on the lips of the hot words, but a good marriage and often small website very far. How to write a business plan by the investment people? What factors investors optimistic about the project? Family, friends, business team members to raise funds, if possible? How should we expand the financing channels, multi pronged? No money, how can we "adhere to the" survival and development?……

listen to the successful financing experience of the owners of the argument, and then listen to find the bumpy experience of funds…… Look for the direction of our breakthrough funding dilemma……

collection target revelation:

1, find the 3 to find the money, the financing of the webmaster; if you are willing to share your experience and experience;

2, search for the site of the project has 1 outstanding webmaster; if you have a good website project, and want to test the potential of its financing;

3, looking for "seed applicants" – the first batch of participants will be released with the official announcement,

participants with the target registration:

contact: Party


MSN:[email protected]

E-mail:[email protected]

phone: 13917218658

(official meeting announcement will be released after November 6th).


Shanghai webmaster Association

November 2, 2007

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