Dating dating site will enter the stage of long distance running

      after all, just out of the dating market, so I went to the first day lily network fan award exchange, former rivals, today’s friends. And his communication, let me jump out of the original mode of thinking, from an industry to see.

      generally speaking: dating sites, earn hard money!

      dating dating sites, through the passion dating and other non serious dating cognition, it can be said that the current dating dating has reached a user acceptance process. Users have been able to distinguish between what is not serious friends, what is dating dating. It can be said that after the first two years of market making friends, has gradually been accepted by the user.

      though we all know that dating user market is large, but the market to profit from the user market, if the income planning studios, on this issue, we are active in the attempt. Marriage dating sites now have roughly the following income patterns:

      online advertising model, member income model, members of value-added products charging mode, members of the wireless value-added service charge mode, advanced mode of hunting and marriage, membership fees and other activities model. These models will be the future of the scale of the income model, no one can predict that the pattern can be the ultimate success.

      taking into account the characteristics of love and marriage, users are one-time consumption, and the user’s life cycle in the site is limited, the better the service, the shorter their life cycle. How to tap the user’s greatest value in the shortest possible time, which is placed in the dating site, at this stage must be considered. Rather than other Internet services, the first accumulation of a large number of users and then slowly consider how to transform the problem. So you can understand, and now dating sites, more like a traditional industry business.

      long distance into the stage of the players, my favorite, there are several players, I do some simple analysis according to the personal understanding, all right when I’m playin:

      Marry5 marry me

      founder: Wu Haomin

      marketing channels: MSN, SOHU, vent, and so on, there are several large-scale cooperation in progress.

      comment on: Super profitability, obvious advantages of resources, integration ability is good, the overall operational capacity

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