Rice Unification where the network closed down who dominate the online catering industry

seems to have not appeared for a long time, almost all of the rice network was left behind, but today, the industry has been crazy rumors rice Unification collapse. Is that true,


rice unification network office rent back page 400 phone access

people go to an empty room, also can not contact, seems to be absent, according to media reports, rice Unification office last year had gone back to rent, but not clear, rumors during the replacement of his office, but the specific location is unknown. Fantong page 400 telephone connection disconnected, Fantong is disappearing? Or hematemesis and we play hide and seek, and impossible! This once renowned catering site where? Netizens more speculation is bankrupt, visit the official domain name fantong.com, the page is temporarily unavailable. In the catering industry, Fantong is also a veteran online ordering website has great fame. Fantong really fall? If it is a fact, then the next one will be head-on? In the field of group purchase public comment, the U.S. group net or the handle of the results, we only wait quietly.

veteran online ordering website are gone for ever?

back online ordering site under the food and beverage industry, the first thought can be said to be Fantong, this was established in 2003 so far, has a history of it, why eventually arrived at? Media comment Fantong said the collapse of the catering industry is the largest online game, then why not? Veteran online catering industry is Fantong first, but now Fantong has failed, not the past scenery. But what is the reason for the cause of the collapse of the rice network, it is said that the rice Unification site can not open, because the server provider for the rice system, said due to the cost of food and electricity network and shut down due to service. Internal staff also revealed that the food system is also owed most employees 11 months of wages. From this point of view, why rice Unification collapse is probably due to funding strand breaks.

rice unification network funding strand breaks or buy site due to the rise of

and the same year the establishment of the same year, the public comment, although the nature of most of the two companies are different, but the fate of the opposite. Due to consider the reasons for the collapse of the rice system is likely to be caused by strand breaks, so specially observed the financing of the two companies. Rice unification network since its inception in 2003 has only experienced a financing, in the year of July 2008, the Japanese rice network access to four overseas institutions such as investment in Asia, a total of $4 million in venture capital, from which there is no longer. The public comment has experienced four times of financing, according to earlier media reports, in 2011, the public comment received $more than 100 million in financing, and this year the Tencent shares public comment. Rice unification network can not be compared with the public comment on the $more than 100 million financing. 2010 buy new industry group and the United States and other sites, but also to allow the food and beverage industry to eat rice network. The author especially pay attention to the history of the development of the rice Unification Baidu encyclopedia, from 2003 to 20>

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