Online shop owners please pay attention to the online store business license registration rules

since August 1st, the Beijing area operators must first register the business license before operating, analysts say it may be prepared to pay for online transactions

"financial network" Zhuangao / intern reporter Zhang Boling

The provisions of Beijing city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau day before, from August 1st onwards, the Beijing area of the shop operators engaged in the sale of the business license must be registered.

analysts believe that this is the future of online transactions tax preparation.

July 2nd, Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau announced on its official web site "on the implementation of the" Beijing city informatization promotion Ordinance to strengthen supervision and management of e-commerce "(hereinafter referred to as the" opinions "), the provisions from August 1st onwards, the use of the Internet to engage in e-commerce business activities of the subject, shall be registered in accordance with the law, to carry out business in order to obtain business licenses. Has handled the business license of the enterprise or individual by the opening of the shop, such as beyond the original registration scope, also shall handle the relevant registration.

the "opinions" and cited the e-merchants three class without registration: one is sold on the Internet, the replacement items for personal use, not for profit purpose of the individual; two is the enterprise and individual industrial and commercial households registered, the business scope of electronic commerce and the original business scope is consistent; three in accordance with the "Internet information services management approach", awarded by the government supervision department of Internet information services business license, or the completion of the site for the record, electronic business operators and obtain a business license.

"opinions" to the shop operators five months of the buffer period". Before the late this year, shop operators are below the set up in his business website, online store or promotion home page, the establishment of e-commerce operators information publicity "link, public enterprises or individual industrial and commercial households name, registration number, registered capital, business scope, IP address, contact person in charge of information.

Beijing Electronic Commerce Association Secretary General Lin Ya had an interview when he said, "the licence" shows the relevant departments to strengthen the supervision of e-commerce, the standard model of C2C online trading, the market is conducive to standardize.

for the relevant provisions of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce, the two large online shopping mall Taobao network and pat Network, have said it would cooperate with. Taobao public relations personnel Lu Da to the financial reporter, said the policy should be aimed at the creation of an e-commerce website, rather than a relatively large online trading platform. General large online trading platform has strict access threshold, security system and monitoring system.

insiders believe that the policy of Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau, mainly for the registration in the online trading platform in Beijing City, registered in Hangzhou, registered in Shanghai, this provision does not affect the entire online trading market.

, deputy director of the legal and Policy Committee of the China Electronic Commerce Association

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